French economy officially was called the fifth biggest in the world.
Reuters’ analysts calculated that France beats Britain, by taking away her crown of the fifth country with big GDP in the rank.
The GDP in the UK during 2015 has reached 1.864 trillion pounds. This information was officially announced by the Global Monetary Organization. They checked the charts from the last announcements, as well.
The national rate of currency exchange usually is the main measure when it comes to the comparison among countries. And according to the financial agency, Britain has lost to France.
The pound is in free fall now. It has reached 1.17 euros this day. It is a critical situation. Last time the pound had the same indicators long time ago, in 2013 year. If to take a current value of the British money in a count then it means that GDP of Britain in 2015 was equal to 2.172 trillion of euros. It is a little bit less from a French GDP in 2015, which was equal to 2.183 euros.
And as far as we know, France has the huge plans for the vacant place of the Finance Capital of the Europe. Paris is hoping to become the new London for all investors.
In the same time in the UK, officials together with National Bank are trying to calm down brokers. They have promised to support their national currency two weeks ago.