Cigarette-making giant Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM) has revealed a new, less injurious cigarette in the UK which it says could stop selling its typical tobacco products.

The newly launched Iqos product heats tobacco rather than burning it. The tobacco firm claims this means smokers get the same nicotine hit, but with 90% less intensity that come with cigarette smoke.

However the company said that trials are not yet externally verified but these new cigarette might have the same bearing as quitting smoking.

Philip Morris International (PMI), has reportedly spent $3 billion on creating the substitute cigarette.

Company’s chief executive Andre Calantzopoulos, said in a statement that he would like to work with governments in order to completely remove cigarettes.

Furthermore he said that the company is aware that its products are very harmful to their customers, and that the only positive response is to “to find and commercialize” ones that are less harmful.

“That is clearly our objective,” he added.

That’s not the first attempt cigarette makers have trialed with heating rather than burning tobacco to do lesser harm to consumers.

Back in the 1980s, American Tobacco giant Reynolds, made the Premier, which heated tobacco but which still involved some combustion.

It failed to last longer though, as consumer started complaining of a difficult lighting procedure and a charcoal trace.

However PMI’s solution is much more advanced. The Iqos is a £45 battery pack that looks like a small, dumpy mobile phone. It charges a slim cigarette holder.

Moreover there is much less smoke than an orthodox cigarette, and, the smell does not stick to the clothes. Other cigarette companies are not far off producing rival versions.