According to latest reports the European Union (EU) has started legal action against seven nations.

Countries like UK and Germany, are slated for not taking action against Volkswagen over cheating emission tests. Member states have two months to respond.

Last year the German car giant has had huge fines in the US over its use of cheating devices to hide true levels of emissions.

Meanwhile Spain and Luxembourg are the other two countries who the EU says have not taken action against the company.

Czech Republic, Lithuania and Greece are being pulled up for not even including the probability of punishing carmakers over potential abuses.

Moreover, the EU has also called Germany and the UK to account for refusing to share details of breaches of EU emissions laws they discovered through their own surveys earlier this year.

Industry commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said in a statement: “National authorities across the EU must ensure that car manufacturers actually comply with the law.”

The European Commission is showing discrete signs of frustration over the apparent reluctance of European governments to take action against VW over its use of defeat devices – or even to keep it up-to-date about their soundings.

However in US, where the issue was raised for the first time, it has already hit a $15 billion civil settlement with the authorities; it could face criminal fines as well. There has been nothing of the kind in Europe.

According to the European law carmakers which break the law should face fines, but it’s up to governments to make that happen and penalize them. VW though said in their statement that the software they use in its cars was not actually prohibited in Europe.