Officials from the Iran’s administration have supported their deal to buy Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) jets, in the middle of nervousness about the contract’s destiny under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Iranian government recently announced an agreement to buy 80 jets from Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA), for a list price of $16.6 billion. The contract symbolizes one of Iran’s largest post-sanctions, economic pickings.

Last week it was reported that Boeing Co. has settled an agreement to sell 80 airplanes to Iran, in the first major treaty between a U.S. company and the Islamic Republic.

Meanwhile Iranian government representatives, gave out detail about the agreement on Sunday. During the press conference Iran avowed that by signing with Boeing before Trump’s appointment next month, it had a better chance of enduring critics in Washington, D.C. They said they were buoyant of endearing funding for the acquisition, and warned that if Trump or the U.S. Congress tried to scamper the transaction, Iran would seek to recover lost payments.

“Both Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) and we were willing to reach the conclusion sooner, and fortunately it took place before the new government [in the U.S. takes office],” Farhad Parvaresh, the chief executive of state-owned carrier Iran Air, told reporters said Sunday. “Both sides are committed, and there are scenarios in the contracts for violation of commitments or in case of force majeure to deal with those cases.”