After months of speculations, Samsung is finally making its modern Chromebook official. The new computer is in fact coming in two models, the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro and is the first one built from the ground up with backing for Android apps.

This will mark a very first Chromebook to come with a stylus and support on-screen inking.

The Chromebook Plus will be available starting this February for $449; the virtually-identical-save-for-a-different-processor Chromebook Pro will arrive later this year for a to-be-determined-but-definitely-higher price.

In the meantime for this modern device both internet giant Google and Samsung have worked together. This device reportedly will have features like 12.3-inch, 2400 x 1600 pixel LED display; 4GB of RAM; two USB Type-C ports, which support charging and 4K video output; a MicroSD card slot; and 32GB of internal storage.

This device will have a metal chassis and weighs just under two and a half pounds and is just over half an inch thick when closed. The 360-degree hinge allows the device switch between laptop and tablet modes, much like many convertible Windows laptops available on the market.

One of the major difference between the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, save for price, is its processor; the Plus model has an ARM-based chip, while the Pro is equipped with Intel Core M3 processor. Samsung claims that both PC’s are rated for eight hours of battery life between charges.

According to reports one of the most distinctive Samsung feature is inclusion of stylus, which can be used to write on the screen, grab screenshots, or as a “laser pointer” to highlight things.

It is yet to be seen if these Chromebooks will entice consumers, but they look like capable devices with fewer limitations than earlier ChromeOS machines.