According to reports from South Korea, Legal authorities have declined a request by prosecuting attorney to arrest Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong.

The judgment was made on earlier Thursday that there was insufficient reason to arrest Mr Lee over charges of bribery, fraud and lying.

Meanwhile Mr. Lee had to wait for the ruling overnight since a hearing on Wednesday. The accusations were part of a corruption scandal which led parliament to indict President Park Geun-hye.

However Tech giant Samsung has unswervingly denied any offence and said in a statement that the “merits of this case can now be determined without the need for detention”.

Recently Soth Korean President Park has been suspect of abusing her position by conspiring with a close friend, Choi Soon-sil, to use their bond to secure millions of dollars from major firms. The money was purportedly paid into Ms Choi’s non-profit foundations in exchange for favorable government treatment.

Furthermore Prosecutors claimed that Samsung paid 43 billion won ($36.3m) to get government support for a debated merger of two of its partners. Samsung also accepted making the payments but insists it did not expect anything in return.

Moreover South Korea’s special prosecutors had declared Mr Lee a criminal suspect and made a proper appeal for an arrest warrant earlier this week.

On the other hand the judge said in his ruling that after studying the evidence it was “difficult to acknowledge the necessity and substantiality of an arrest at the current stage”.

In the recent times, Ms Park, has faced massive public protest and her presidential powers has been taken off, while the legal court reached to any conclusion.