Social networking giant, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is revamping its “trending topics” box, part of its aim to curtail fake stories and present to a user’s an extensive range of information.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) said its software will surface only topics that have been covered by a significant number of credible publishers from Wednesday January 22, 2017, a move intended to cut back on fakes by giving more weight to information sources that have been around longer.

With an ambition of the spread of hoaxes and fabricated stories on its platform, Facebook has altered its “Trending Topics” feature, surfacing only those stories that have been uploaded by what it deems credible publishers.

So from now onward, the topics will no longer be personalized to every Facebook user, which could break users’ so-called filter bubble and expose them to a variety of different news sources and events.

Furthermore Social network has transformed its trending feature several times in the recent past, after claims that Facebook contract workers who selected the headlines changed what appeared, for political reasons most notably in US presidential election.

Last year in August, Facebook dismissed the contract workers and opted for a largely software-driven methodology. This amendment, which did away with headlines in favor of hashtags and keywords, quickly led to the appearance of fake stories in the box.

Moreover according to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) the headline addition was the most demanded Trending update among users since the company. The company said headlines will be automatically selected based on factors such as the engagement around a specific editorial on Facebook, connections with the publisher as a whole and whether other stories link to the article, which should help guarantee the article is reliable.