German automaker firm Volkswagen has reportedly surpassed Toyota to become the world’s best-selling car-maker, for the very first time in history.

Japanese firm Toyota, which had beaten sales for the past four years, sold 10.175 million vehicles globally in the meantime Volkswagen managed to sell 10.31 cars during that period.

The company announced this milestone amid VW’s emission cheating scandal, which sparked a global criticism and multiple lawsuits.

Meanwhile Volkswagen, which is a maker of the Audi, Porsche and Skoda brands, saw a 3.8% surge in sales boosted mainly by demand in China.

During the recent times the company has been making strides in new markets too. The Volkswagen Golf was counted as the most popular new car in 2016 in Sweden, that marks the first time in more than half a century that a Volvo hadn’t surpassed the country’s sales.

In the meantime Japanese Toyota’s sales surged by 0.2% though it appears to have hurt a slowdown in the US car industry.

US carmaker giant General Motors (GM) is planned to announce its results next week, but it is likely to stay behind both Toyota and the German firms.

Last year General Motors (GM) was the world’s third-largest car-maker. It last time topped the ranking in 2011 after Toyota’s production was hurt by a huge earthquake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan.