Stock Buzz: Earth Science Tech Inc (ETST), OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OWCP), Kush Bottles Inc (KSHB)

Earth Science Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:ETST) reported the plunge of -2.45% and closed at $1.99, with the total traded volume of 17,778.00 shares. During last trade its minimum price was $1.90 and it gained its highest price of $2.09 and has a total of 81.42 million outstanding shares.

On March 14, 2017 Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OETST), an innovative biotech company focused on cannabis (industrial hemp), cannabinoid research and development, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices is proud to announce its subsidiaries Cannabis Therapeutic, Inc. and Earth Science Pharmaceutical, Inc. the nomination of Kim Foster-Cunningham to the post of Project Manager for the MSN-2 medical device project; and Denis Babin of SDB Import/Export, Inc. as international marketing consultant for Cannabis Therapeutics and Earth Science Pharmaceutical products.

Ms. Foster-Cunningham’s immediate focus is preparatory phase of the pre-market clinical trial of the MSN-2 medical device. The MSN-2 device is a revolutionary medical instrument for the detection and diagnosis of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, from previous announcement, (ETST Announces 60-Patient Clinical Prelaunch Study for its MSN-2 Medical Device for the Diagnosis of Chlamydia & Gonorrhea, ETST Elects Dr. Michel Aubé as New CEO & CSO, and Nickolas Tabraue as President.)

Ms. Foster-Cunningham, whom holds a degree in sales and marketing, is recognized for her expertise in business networking and her solid business expertise. She is a sought-after speaker throughout the USA and Canada, delivering conferences on her proactive approach to general health and self-care. Passionate about individual sports, she is a half marathon runner and a triathlete. Always enthusiastic about transmitting her passion for health and business development, this project is “her new baby”.

“I love my work, especially when it allows me to bring my passion for health and business development together, and to bring them to other people,’ says Foster-Cunningham. “This project is my new baby, and I’m excited about the prospects of helping it grow to maturity.”

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OTCMKTS:OWCP) showing jumped of 0.77% and closed at $0.77, after gaining total volume of 2.68 million shares. Its earnings per share (EPS) is -$0.01 and its beta value stands at -4.54 points and has total market capitalization of $178.62 billion and a total of 135.31 million outstanding shares.

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp (OWCP) on March 21, 2017 announced the highly promising results of its topical cream efficacy tests following months of study and scientific analysis.

In October 2016, OWC announced that it was in the final phase of pre-clinical efficacy testing for its topical psoriasis cream and also announced a parallel test to assess the efficacy of the formulation in treating psoriasis in human skin tissue. The recent results are highly promising, showing significant reduction of several inflammation markers specific to psoriasis.

As a result of the promising results of our psoriasis tests, our Chairman and CEO, Mr. Mordechai Bignitz, has directed OWC’s scientific team to submit an operating plan within 60 to 90 days to conduct double-blind efficacy tests of our cannabinoid-based topical cream on other skin disorders and conditions.

Dr. Yehuda Baruch, the Company’s Chief Science Officer and Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs, commented, “As a practicing physician and a scientist who has been treating patients with cannabis for medical purposes for more than two decades, I am truly excited by our success to date and, more importantly, I am thrilled to be part of a professional scientific study on humans that should actually validate what I have believed and experienced for years – Cannabis helps treat a multitude of health conditions.”

Dr. Sharon Rozenblat, PhD – Biochemistry, a member of OWC Scientific Advisory Board added, “After many years of being actively involved in research and development of innovative dermatological treatments and being exposed to the many scientific articles and peer reviewed works and publications regarding skin conditions and diseases, I would like to emphasize my personal belief that OWC’s psoriasis results have been indeed unique in the most positive sense.” Dr. Rozenblat continued by stating, “While there is still scientific work to be done, as a scientist I am extremely excited to be part of OWC’s study that appears to become a highly possible breakthrough that can improve the life of psoriasis patients and, possibly, other skin conditions.”

Kush Bottles Inc (OTCMKTS:KSHB) increased 1.13% closed at $1.79 and traded with total volume of 63,670.00 shares, while the average trading remained 177,407.00 shares. During last trade its minimum price was $1.73 and it gained the highest price of $1.84. Its market capitalization was $89.02 million.

Kush Bottles Inc (KSHB) on January 21, 2017 reported financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended November 30, 2016.

First Quarter Fiscal 2017 Financial Highlights vs. First Quarter Fiscal 2016

  • Revenue up 44% to $2.47 million
  • Gross margin up 50 basis points to 33.8%
  • Net loss, including $0.12 million in non-cash stock compensation, $30,000 in depreciation and $24,000 for a non-recurring expense, was $(0.16) million compared to net income of $5,000
  • Record cash balance of $2.0 million compared to $0.30 million
  • Working capital up significantly to a record $3.38 million compared to $0.26 million

Executive Commentary

“Our first fiscal quarter began on a strong note, with record revenue and the strongest cash and working capital positions in our company’s history,” said Nick Kovacevich, co-founder and CEO of Kush Bottles. “This was driven by continued growth in California and Washington. More specifically, our customer base, average order size and number of orders continue to climb, and our e-commerce revenues also continue to increase. Our custom branded packaging revenues increased nearly three times from last year and our SKU count grew by 73%.

“During the quarter, we implemented a new cloud-based accounting, CRM and ERP system which we expect will improve our ability to scale. Our new larger facility in Washington has helped to accommodate continued growth, and we also expanded our sales force to penetrate the new states that legalized cannabis in the November 2016 election.

“As we look towards the remainder of 2017, we believe we are well-positioned to capitalize on the growth opportunities which exist in the developing, regulated cannabis industry. We have increased our customer base, which exceeds 3,000 producers, processers and retailers, and we’ve created one of the largest product libraries in the industry, with distribution spanning across 28 states and Canada. Also, we have doubled our revenue for two consecutive years, and we believe we remain in the early stages of our growth.”