Avon Products, Inc. (AVP) Next Move

Avon Products, Inc. (AVP) Next Move

Avon Products, Inc. (AVP) Next Move

Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) stock is presently standing at about $3.80 and lots of equity research firms seem to have a target price set on the stock. The median one-year price target of 10 analysts covering the company is $4.75, which suggests the stock could still rise over 20 percent. The highest analyst price target is $6.00, which implies a rally of 42 percent. And a quick view of analyst notes show that 2 are rating the stock a buy while 1 rate AVP a strong buy. There are 6 equity research firms advocating a Hold and 0 consider it Sell.

Jefferies analysts provided their view on Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) recently. The rating firm issued a Buy rating to this company in a research note released on Jun 03, 2016. Piper Jaffray analysts disclosed their opinion on Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) recently. The rating firm gave a Neutral rating to this stock in a research note published on Apr 12, 2016. According to a research note disclosed on Jan 22, 2016, analysts at Piper Jaffray have upped their rating on these shares from Neutral to Overweight.

Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) Transactions Roundup

Several insiders were part of recent insider activity for the stock. Its Executive Vice President Acosta Fernando Sold 162,353 company shares for 333,583, in a transaction on Mar 15. Following the transaction, the Executive Vice President is left with a stake of 77,154 shares, currently valued at $293,185. Meanwhile, EVP, COO Scully James S purchased 292,241 shares worth $655,440, through a transaction dated Feb 23. Following the completion of the transaction, the insider is left with a stake of 150,000 shares, amounting $570,000. AVP Executive Vice President Acosta Fernando also sold 139,331 shares, at a stock price of $5.06. This transaction occurred on Dec 30 totals $430,736. After this transaction, the insider’s stake stands at 85,198 shares, with a market value of $323,752.

Executives hold 0.75 percent of the stock. CAPITAL RESEARCH GLOBAL INVESTORS is one of the biggest insider owners in Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP), according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. The insider owns 53,379,963 shares which have current market value of around $202,843,859.BLACKROCK INC. is another major inside shareholder in the company. The insider owns 46,294,214 shares as of 03/31/2017, currently worth $175,918,013. VANGUARD GROUP INC is ranked as third insider holder of the stock. This insider holds 40,109,692 shares with a market value around $152,416,830 as of recent close.

Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) Earnings Outlook

In Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP)’s latest quarter, EPS moved to $-0.07 from $0.01 in preceding quarter and revenues reached at $1,333.10M compared to $1,568.10M. Analysts had expected Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) to post net income of about $0.01 per share on $1,335.09M in revenue. Looking ahead, analysts on average predict that earnings for the current quarter would come in the range of $0.06 to $0.11. That is compared with the $0.07 in EPS it reported during the same period a year ago.

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