Crypterium (CRPT), Prepping for ‘A Moon Landing’

[Photo: Space Shuttle Discovery being transported to the Launchpad at an earlier launch]

I am no NASA scientist, but I am very sure the awe inspiring organization has a procedure before a successful launch. In my head, and what I gather from movies  and the internet, is that they do pre-flight checks. Some involve checking the fuel propellant for any leaks…But I am getting ahead of myself.

As the display picture suggests, the space shuttle has to be transported to the platform. A procedure that can take days as the tank-like carrier of the shuttle, rolls down the preset path or road. This is a procedure similar to the road map of an ICO.

Then there is the numerous fuel checks; communication checks; weather checks; readings from the numerous sensors; health checks of the astronauts; etc…etc. It is a d**n long process. This can be compared to the distribution of tokens to the ICO participants; constant communication between the founders of the ICO and its participants; negotiating with the numerous exchanges for a listing; marketing of the coin; and even delivering on the said product in the White paper.

Such a process is being undertaken by the team behind the Crypterium ICO that has just concluded.

So what is Crypterium?

Crypterium plans to revolutionize banking. In my earlier article, I did not dwell too much on describing Crypterium like I normally do with every coin. What I stated is that it would be something that would interest the Oracle of Omaha, also known as, Warren Buffet.

According to the White Paper, Crypterium promises to give cryptocurrency owners, everyday banking services similar to those offered on fiat currency.  I mean, this is amazing. It provides a platform to actually pay for simple things, such as a movie ticket, with your Litecoin or even Verge (XVG) coins.

The minds behind Crypterium have identified a need for a way to convert the Cryptocurrency owned by traders and HODLERS, into an efficient way of payment for regular goods and services.

With an app that is to be released in Q1 of this year, all this will be made possible.

The app promises to completely eradicate the hustles of International boundaries and constantly changing moneies for travelers. It also can be a complete game changer that will shake the very core of traditional banking that has been at the core of all financial services around the globe.

The White paper also states that the developers at Crypterium have been working on the app for over 5 years. And when you look at the track record of the Management team, all a Crypto and a finance enthusiast like myself can do, is have a constant grin on his face. Why? These guys look legit and ready to hit the ground running with their planned project.

I am not usually easily convinced when investing in an ICO, but I will personally declare that I have invested a few Satoshi on Crypterium.

According to its website, the ICO managed to hit its hardcap and has raised over 2,981 Bitcoin and $3,364,763. Using the average rate at this moment of BTC at $12k, this is around $39 Million. But using the rate shown on their website of BTC at $16,200, you can clearly see how they came up with the figure of $51 Million raised.

So, why will Crypterium moon?

Firstly, the ICO has a lot of excited believers. Proof of this can be seen in the number of members in its Telegram group. The number currently stands at 34,892 members. If that is not a sign of faith in the team and promised product via the White paper, then I do not know what is.

Secondly, and as stated above, the team behind the ICO is top notch.

Thirdly, it will provide an avenue for all crypto holders, to actually use their digital assets for regular purchases. On top of which, there will be Crypto lending; Crypto acquiring; and an app store for Crypto retail related software solutions such as Point of Sale (POS) systems. This is revolutionary and unprecedented!

Finally, the tokens were activated on the 20th of January. This means they are official the property of those who participated in the ICO. This will in turn lead to the listing of the tokens on an exchange that is yet to be announced by the team.

It is with the last assumption, that once the tokens hit the exchanges, that the only destination for the prices is UP! UP! And to The Moon!

From where I stand, this will be an exciting ride! If you did not participate in the ICO, be on the lookout for the listing on one of the exchanges out there!

‘Wooooo!’…like the Legendary Ric Flair!

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