4 Reasons why Stellar (XLM) is about to launch itself into the Stratosphere

4 Reason why Stellar (XLM) is about to launch itself into the Stratosphere

#1 – The roadmap is going to be released today

Stellar (XLM) continues to mark his presence as one of the emerging crypto projects with the most potential, just recently they had a meetup in Singapore to get more visibility. One of the strongest factors that they highlight in their presentation led by Lindsay Lin is the difference between them and Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple (XRP).

They highlight the difference that Stellar (XLM) was made for speed and not complexity like Ethereum (ETH). The more complex smart contracts would do better in the Ethereum’s network but when you want speed you have to compare it with Stellar (XLM) where the transaction speed is around 3-5 seconds instead of the 15 seconds in Ethereum.

Also, Stellar is able to reduce costs of transactions by a lot more than Ethereum, where a transaction would cost $0.00001 USD and in ETH would cost $0.76 USD (numbers used in Singapure presentation). On top of that Ethereum can only handle 25 transfers per second which is much shorter than the 1000+ transfers per second in Stellar.

Ripple (XRP) then comes to play saying they can match the speed but they fall short in transaction fees, not by a lot but still it shows that we can save more than what Ripple is trying. Yet the main argument for Stellar against Ripple is that Ripple a for-profit organization which means that it has organic barriers created by monetary interests.

On this meetup, Lindsay Lin said that the roadmap is going to be released today – 25th January.

#2 – A new Liquidity provider will be announced soon

There is no official date from the Stellar Foundation for the announcement but we can expect it in January/February. This will represent a big leap forward because a Liquidity provider (or a bank) basically backs the currency in order to allow direct trading pairs for Stellar (XLM).

Why is this great? Because it displaces Stellar from the crypto market fluctuations by distancing it from pairings with BTC or ETH, which means that it will be a more stable coin, which presumes stable growth in the emerging crypto revolution.

#3 – Stripe hinted that it would replace Bitcoin (BTC) for Stellar (XLM)

Stripe represents one of the leaders in international money transfers sitting at #3 amongst giants such as PayPal and WorldPay which means that the XLM token will gain a lot of use cases if this becomes a reality.

PayPal currently has an outstanding 5 trillion-dollar revenue yearly and this shows us how much the crypto market still has to grow since Stellar (XLM) alone could one day be dealing with this sort of volume.

#4 – Alexis Ohanion, reddit founder supports Stellar (XLM)

Currently reddit serves an essential role in the news feed for the crypto community and no news website seems to be biased enough to be reliable because of all the “shilling” done outside the regulated forms of posting content present in reddit.

Because of these subreddits of specific coins and general subreddits regarding cryptocurrencies having all this attention, we start to see bots and new implementations coming to new uses. One of the forms of showing appreciation in Reddit is through Reddit Gold, a form of donations.

Since Alexis Ohanion showed support for the Stellar project a big part of the community is guessing that Alexis plans on having the Reddit Gold donation system to be run over Stellar’s network.

Nothing is confirmed but still hype and rumours sometimes are all it takes for another climb to start.

Market Analysis

Stellar (XLM) has already seen a surge in price in the last few days because of the announcements regarding their roadmap and their collaboration with FairX. Now that the market seems ready to bounce back, which usually happens after a stabilization in low prices, we will see Stellar surpass the all-time high probably faster than any other cryptocurrencies.

You can check the most recent Stellar charts below:

Image 1 – Stellar (XLM) charts – Source: coinmarketcap.com