SingularDTV (SNGLS) Promises An Option Outside of Hollywood

[Photo: SingularDTV Logo and The Famous Hollywood]

SingluarDTV (SNGLS) promises a future of a decentralized entertainment industry. This means no big-shot companies to negotiate with to finance your album, book deal, movie or even theater production. No middle men eating into your profits. No boardroom meetings to determine what content to be fed to the viewers or listeners. No backroom deals with Executives for preference. In other words, anyone with an artistic concept can attempt at making it BIG using SingularDTV. The decentralized network is designed to properly reward talent and provide a platform where anyone can be a star and be fairly rewarded for it.

This is revolutionary! So how does SingularDTV do this?

SingularDTV allows you to manage the rights to you content, to fund it and to distribute it in a peer-to-peer system that is now so common with blockchain technology. This means the artist or content creator becomes the record label, the producer, the distributor and the revenue collector of the content sold. No more trying to catch the eye of the big entertainment companies.

The beauty of SingularDTV and blockchain is the added benefit of making sure every transaction is transparent and secure. Also, with smart contracts, you cut off all the ‘money sucking’ middle men – as mentioned earlier – in all the artistic industries of film, music, art, theater, book publishing and even blogging.

SingularDTV has 11 modules that allows you to do all these beautiful things with your content.

The modules include:

1. A Tokit platform that empowers you to create your next movie, music album, podcast, ebook – any creative project – using the tools, community and freedom of SingularDTV’s decentralized entertainment economy

2. A Decentralized exchange for artists and creators where anyone can buy and sell the tokens generated on tokit. This means you can fund the next James Bond Movie and receive tokens that you can HODL till they make it to The Moon

3. CODEX which is a research and design lab dedicated to the development and proliferation of tokenized ecosystems generated from Tokit. It updates Tokit with new classes of smart contracts that add features and functions to the tokens created

4. A project funding LAUNCH PAD for the tokenized ecosystems created on Tokit. This allows you to tap into the potential Crypto-Verse investors from around the world while you are working on the project. So long as your project is solid, it will get funding

5. A legal repository of smart contracts where you can add terms, conditions and more legal specifics to your project created in Tokit. This eliminates the need for a team of legal experts that cost money

6. A peer-to-peer crew and production services hiring application that allows you to connect with like minded entertainment production professionals in the city you’re creating your project

7. A Peer-to-peer equipment rental application that allows you to locate and rent the production equipment necessary for your project from similar like minded entertainment professionals

8. A smart contract based talent management platform that allows for artists to processes their payments and organizes terms/conditions of their deals. This means you become your own manager

9. A menu-style list of digital marketing packages and territories to spread your project around the world. These packages allows you to track your spending, see the metrics and make adjustments to increase your reach in the market. In other words, you become the decision maker for marketing and distribution

10. A union interface for blockchain signatory productions needing an efficient way to adhere to union rules and administer union processes and pay scale. In other words, it will guarantee the same rights regular film or music industry union members are privy of

11. EtherVision, which is a SingularDTV’s decentralized, peer-to-peer distribution portal that allows you to start your own media channel

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen! That dream you always had of becoming a rock-star or a movie producer can now become a reality thanks to SingularDTV. No more lining up for reality shows to catch a big break or even standing outside music studios to hand out your Demo USB, CD or Tape (back in the 90s). No more trolling Eminem or Dr. Dre or Snoop or Lorde on twitter or Instagram.

For the Crypto Trader out there, SNGLS is relatively cheap right now and not too many people are talking about it. This means it is a good time to buy a few thousand coins which are currently valued at $0.263 at the moment. This is impressive for a coin that was introduced into the exchanges at around September, 2017 and at a price of $0.018. It has made a percentage increase of 1,361% in less than 5 months. This is quite impressive.

I am sure the coin is destined for greatness since the circulating supply is 600 Million. This is relatively small when you compare it to 39 Billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation and 18 Billion for Stellar (XLM). Both coins are valued at $1.31 and $0.60 respectively at the moment of writing this. This means that with the right stimulus and time, SNGLS will easily make the $1 or even $2 value by the end of this year.

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