Ripple (XRP), and Some Other Coins (Jimmy) Buffett Wouldn’t Buy

After shocking the world with predictions of the coin market’s ultimate demise, legendary investor Warren Buffett is likely smiling to himself today, as the rest of us mop up the broken pieces of last years gains. After all, the sea of red that engulfs our favorite exchanges seems like the only thing growing as the coin market-cap drops off the edge of a cliff (again).

But as Warren chuckles with delight over the FUD he stirs up, another Buffett may be gearing up to buy the dip. I’m talking, of course, about the legendary performer and award winning song-writer, Jimmy Buffett. And while I admit openly that I have no idea what Jimmy might actually do with his hard earned fiat, I believe there are a number of coins this star of the music world might avoid if and when he decides to open an account with one of the available exchanges in Margaritaville.

Cheeseburgers in Paradise
The first cheeseburger in my short list of crypto-coins that Jimmy Buffett would avoid is Ripple (XRP). I am including this coin as an obvious choice for the rock ‘n’ roller to steer clear of as he takes his first steps into the altcoin universe. Representing an establishment that Jimmy and his parrot-head followers are sure to disapprove of, Ripple (XRP) would likely disappoint Mr. Buffett as much as it has the hoards of bagholders hodling the coin right now.

While Ripple (XRP) may surprise us all in the coming months, the current trend makes it easy for us to sit on our high-horses and scoff at this monster of the alternative currency market.

The second choice of coins for Jimmy and his fans to keep away from is Iota (MIOTA). This sleeping giant would likely have no appeal to the guitar wielding super-star of the Carribean. Despite the promise of future gains, I believe Jimmy Buffett would rather hang out with the cool-crowd in cryptospace. And last I heard, Iota (MIOTA) wasn’t invited to the latest parties being thrown by the Coral Reefer Band.

While the Internet of Things and it’s machine-to-machine transactions may still prove to be the way of the future, the obvious destruction of civil liberties that sensor-tech promises would probably be shunned by this freedom loving poet and his drunken fans.

The third and final coin that Jimmy Buffett will completely disregard is Cardano (ADA). This “mature blockchain” concept-coin is likely not the real-deal Buffett is looking for. While a new blockchain will surely conquer the market in the coming year(s), Jimmy would be wise to look closer at the details of Cardano (ADA) as the company works toward integrating privacy and regulation of the space.

Though this unicorn in crypto-land might still be fun to ride as it works it’s way up the chart in the coming month(s), Jimmy Buffet will likely skip the carousel, opting for something more tangible that he and his fan base can grasp.

Come Monday
Jimmy Buffett continues to astound audiences with his stunning performances. And with his well known stances against the establishment and for civil liberties, Jimmy Buffett may yet be looking into decentralization and the potential use-cases for drunken rock ‘n’ roll on the blockchain. However, when this giant in the rock ‘n’ roll universe finally takes the plunge into the altcoin sea, he will likely choose coins that represent the ideals he has fought for over the length of his career. And while nobody can say for sure which crypto-companies Jimmy Buffet will be attracted to (PotCoin (POT) anyone?), I think the compiled list of coins he would avoid will prove accurate in time.

Micah C. Miracle