WePower, Envion and 2 Other Green Energy ICOs

WePower, Envion and 2 Other Green Energy ICOs

WePower, Envion and 2 Other Green Energy ICOs

[Photo: Wepower logo amidst wind turbines. Source: medium.com]

Global warming is on the lips of every environmentally conscious individual on the planet. It is no suprise that these ideas have made it to the ICO platforms through WePower, Envion, Hydrocoin and Energi-token.

The story goes that there is a lot of green house emission thanks to coal or fossil fuels used in energy plants; diesel and petroleum fuels being burnt in cars and generators; and the rare case of methane being produced by cattle bred for the ever increasing meat industry.

The first examples of causes of global warming are easily understandable due to the fact that such processes create a known green house gas: Carbon Dioxide. However, there has never been a broad correlation between the levels of methane in the atmosphere to the high number of cattle ranching in the world. The correlation is simple. Cattle produce methane from their dung or excrement. This is the same substance used in biogas. But this methane, if not utilized, floats to the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.

So, should we all quit meat and save the world? Not for me! 🙂

Forgetting cows, it is the carbon dioxide levels that these four ICOs (that I have mentioned) plan to reduce I shall elaborate below.


With less than four hours left before the beginning of the ICO, WePower promises to help fund green power projects using the ICO platform. Those wishing to utilize solar, wind and hydro, can use Wepower to sell their future power production upfront in the form of tokens. This means that participants of the ICO, grab a share of the company by buying in. This funding, in the form of crypto, and most likely Ethereum, will propel the Green Energy projects that are known to have very high initial investment costs. Rather than waiting for Venture Capitalists or Governments to finance such projects, we will simply turn to the crowd funding with benefits available with Wepower.


Bitcoin mining has been stated to consume more power than the total electric cars in the globe. Yes. That is a lot of power. Here comes Envion with its portable Cryptocurrency mining shipping containers. Envion has this neat idea of having mining equipment installed in a shipping container; complete with satellite internet connection; and an adequate cooling system. What happens is that the container is hooked up to solar and wind farms which are known to generate surplus power when nature permits. The shipping container will be used as the proverbial ‘energy sink’. So, rather than wasting the surplus power from solar or wind, the Envion mining containers use it up and in the process, helps reduce carbon emissions.


With the ICO slated for 1st April this year, one can wonder if it is an April fools joke. But upon closer scrutiny of the white paper, what the ICO promises is revolutionary. HydroCoin claims to be the solution to combine the rapid growth of crypto-currencies and the need to build up an infrastructure for clean-fuel without the use of fossil sources. Hydro-coin is designed to be the currency for all projects that foster green energy including hydrogen.

The key chemical element in this ICO is Hydrogen. We all know from our chemistry classes that Hydrogen is highly explosive with the potential of being harnessed for power production. Such harnessing has not been 100% successful and affordable but as we walk into the future, combustion in engines will use hydrogen and produce water as a waste product.

If Hydrocoin can foster such advances, I think it would be an ICO to consider.


With the ICO slated to start today, February 1, at 10am GMT, Energi-token promises to reward energy saving behavior. This sounds like the financial equivalent of being a good student in kindergarten where we loved to get those lovely stars for good behavior. I am not belittling the ICO, I am giving a good analogy to equate saving the earth with rewarding those who participate in ways to reduce emissions.

The behavior might be as simple as taking public transport rather than driving. Or even deciding to install solar panels to power your home.

In summary, blockchain technology through ICOs is on the path of revolutionizing green energy projects by making them accessible to the little guys like myself. By taking part in these ICOs; owning tokens; and using the various platforms these ICOs offer in their road-maps, we shall all be a united community working towards saving this one home we all share called planet Earth!

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