4 Reasons Why We Love John McAfee

4 Reasons Why We Love John McAfee

4 Reasons Why We Love John McAfee

[Photo: John McAfee. Source: time.com]

Whether we love or hate John McAfee is a matter of personal preference. Many of us follow him on twitter with the hope that he will dish out some cool tip on a cryptocurrency. Others, want to hear his opinion on everyday matters and follow his journeys as he defends cryptocurrencies and the adoption of blockchain.

The man is not without controversy. He goes against the grain like Bane in the famous Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises.

Society tends to punish us for glorifying such outgoing, open, controversial characters who are often categorized as mad, insane and misfits. I beg to differ. I am not trying to kiss McAfee’s behind at all. All I want to do is highlight some of the things that make us love him for who he is. We do not want the man to change for 1 Million Bitcoin (BTC) and a house full of beautiful ladies. No! We love him the way he is!

Firstly, the man is honest. He tells it as it is and does not mince words. In a February 18th Tweet, he celebrated 3,000 followers who unfollowed him. He said he had an awesome day because of that. He also warned any new followers that if they had thin skin, were fragile, uncertain, narrow minded, bigoted, self-righteous or inflexible, then following him would be a bad idea.

Such brazen honesty is unheard of. He is literally telling people that it will not be a rosy ride following him on Twitter. It is a f*ck off in advance!

His honesty also showcases itself when he openly admitted to using Cryptocurrencies to pay for hookers and drugs. Such comment are cringe-worthy if you hold dear to your religious beliefs. But if you see it as McAfee exercising his free will…then you salute the man and move on with your life.

It is with the last statement that I want to highlight the second reason why we love John McAfee. He lives his life according to his own rules and values.

The Buddha is quoted as once saying that we should not believe anything simply because we have heard it; we should not believe anything simply because it has been rumored and said by many; we should believe in anything simply because it has been written in religious books and said by religious teachers; but we should only believe when we ourselves have observed and analyzed and found it to be worth it.

McAfee epitomizes this saying by Buddha. I know many will probably crucify me for this, but there is no better way of knowing a man knows himself than when he lives and does things according to his own rules and by his own terms. McAfee even sleeps with a bunch of guns in his bed for it is protected in the American constitution and especially for self defense! He is a real life Rambo with the guns to prove it!

A third reason why we love John McAfee, is his current crusade for the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in everyday life. As traders, owners and believers of coins and tokens, we find a voice in John McAfee. He says what most of us are thinking when the SEC, South Korean government and all the big organizations, want to ban cryptocurrencies. He deserves a Nobel Peace Prize in my opinion!

The fourth, and not necessarily the last reason why we love John McAfee, is simply because there is no other cooler, tech savvy, defiant guy out there worth following on Twitter. The two other tech savvy and cool dudes out there are Elon Musk and Larry Ellision. But both do not support Crypto and Blockchain as far as my online research can tell me. John even fled to Belize one time and has a bunch of dope tattoos on his body.

In summary and what I want to put forth is that John McAfee is a cool dude. He might anger lots of people out there, but many more love him. He has over 785,000 Twitter followers and his account is full of pictures of him with his fans. These pics show the human side of him that each one of us has.

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