The Lisk (LSK) Projects No One Is Talking About

The Lisk (LSK) Projects No One Is Talking About

The Lisk (LSK) Projects No One Is Talking About

The Crypto markets have shown us wonders over the past 24 hours and during April fool’s day. Bitcoin (BTC) showed signs of a total collapse when it dipped to a new low of $6,527 yesterday. It took down the entire market in the process. Not even Lisk (LSK) was spared. LSK saw a $6.73 low yesterday but it has somewhat recovered and is trading at $7.70. This is an impressive double digit recovery of 14.4% from the earlier mentioned $6.73.

So what is Lisk (LSK) and why is no one talking about it?

Lisk (LSK) is an open source blockchain platform similar to Ethereum but written in Javascript: a much more friendlier programming language than Ethereum’s solidity. It allows developers to create decentralized applications on a side-chain, making it easier to scale the project. This means if something happens to the side-chain, it does not affect the entire main-chain of Lisk. The Lisk development kit is free for everyone and also allows for smart contracts and ICOs on its side-chains.

The project is relatively new when you compare it with the Ethereum project. Lisk was founded in early 2016 and Ethereum in  mid 2014. Ethereum went ahead and pretty much conquered the smart contracts and ICO aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This might be why Lisk (LSK) is forever in its shadows.

But not anymore. Lisk has some unique and revolutionary projects in the pipeline that will amplify its visibility in the Crypto-Verse. is a project on the Lisk platform that aims to encourage children to learn through incentives of earning REN coins for their efforts and achievements. Rather than earning ‘stars’ in class for their work, they get to pocket some crypto. Think of how much you’d have earned since kindergatten if this was around when we were growing up? We’d be PhD holders by now due to the monetary motivation of earning more degrees.

Another Lisk based project is the Moracle Project which aims to solve the problems of offering an inexpensive, decentralized and fast oracle service. An oracle is an outside entity that requests/generates the data needed in the blockchain for a decentralized application to access functions such as generating random numbers, accessing information from the web and communicating with other blockchains.

A third project on the Lisk Blockchain is the Sapiens project. This is a complete decentralized academic and certification system with an integrated courses marketplace. The projects aims at digitizing all our academic records and having them accessible, verifiable, traceable and shared amongst institutions of learning, potential employers and the actual individuals owning them. This means that when requested for academic and professional documentation by employers, we can make them available on a secure blockchain. is a platform that is quite relevant in the current age of social media giants such as facebook, using our personal data and compromising our privacy. This platform allows the users to have the final say with regards to the personal data they share. If they do decide to share it, they get rewarded for it. The user can also decide to make the data sharing anonymous in that the end user does not know who it belongs to. is a Lisk based project that aims to develop and manage real estate industry operations that were being taken care of by third parties such as banks and real estate agents. This in turn reduces the final cost of a real estate endeavor. And if you cannot afford an entire project, you can buy a share of it using the Real Estate Digital Assets (REDA) capability of Brikbit. REDA will have smart contracts to smoothen all transactions. is a currently LIVE ICO that aims to provide every musician the chance to create his/her own business model around his/her creative talent. It gives them the autonomy to raise funds for their projects, sell the final products; all on the blockchain. No more third party music labels and distribution companies.

In conclusion, the Lisk platform provides a second option to the Ethereum platform, for the creation of decentralized apps and ICOs. Perhaps with an increased adoption of the Lisk platform shall we see a rise in the coin’s value in the Crypto markets. The Lisk platform has been labelled as being full of potential like the underbelly of an iceberg.

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