IOTA (MIOTA) and the 4 Great Announcements made Last Week (Trinity, Omoku, Metamesh and Tangle)

IOTA (MIOTA) is a very young cryptocurrency but even so, ever since its launch in June 2017, has always been around the top 10 cryptos with the biggest market cap and has also been one of the most interesting digital assets in the market.

Trinity, what is it? What will bring to the users?

Trinity, is the former UCL Wallet, it is the much-anticipated IOTA user friendly wallet. This wallet has been in development for months now, it was already something IOTA’s team talked about and all over the internet people discussed what it could and would be. On March 21st there was an update to the Trinity development schedule.

David Sonstebo, the founder of IOTA, released the update on what we should be expecting in the near future of Trinity.

So, for now we know that Trinity for Desktop will be the first in line and after that iOS and Android users can expect Trinity to hit their platforms as well.

Trinity Desktop Alpha is Live!

So, people were waiting updates on the Trinity development Schedule, which was released last week. This update placed on top of the list the Trinity Desktop Alpha, which is expected to be released for public usage tomorrow, April 4.

Right now, there are a total of 100 users taking part in the testing of the Desktop Alpha before its imminent release.

This release of the First Version of The Trinity Wallet will mark the start of a new phase in IOTAs development and in achieving its true purpose and laid down vision.

Iota’s New Exchange- Omoku

Omoku is a Broker based in Europe for the IOTA community. Using this exchange, individuals will be able to trade MIOTA instantly to EURO. Omoku is also offering the lowest fees and high security and privacy levels for trading IOTA (MIOTA). Omoku also has the following objective: to improve the exchange of MIOTA to fiat currency and fiat to MIOTA.

The verifications and functionality improvements on Omoku started on the 31st of March. Its list of accepted countries is not yet final and the acceptance of more countries will be open until further notice. So, for now, nationals from a country not yet listed, will not be able to verify their accounts on Omoku until their countries get listed.

IOTA Gets New Trading Pairs on Bitfinex

Bitfinex- one of the biggest cryptocurrencies exchange platform in the industry– announced last week, on March 29, the expansion of its fiat exchange with digital assets. This expansion will allow MIOTA to be traded against Japanese Yen (JPY) and Great Britain Pounds (GBP). The expansion is bringing also full support for some fiat currencies (BTC, ETH, NEO and EOS).

The introduction of METAMESH- a Social e-Commerce Marketplace

So, METAMESH will be an IOTA’s exclusive Social e-Commerce Marketplace. Which was introduced last week, on March 28.

METAMESH goal is to monetize the social networks a person uses by sharing products that each a user likes.

Giving a practical example of how METAMESH will work: If a user shares a product directly to his followers, and that share leads to a direct sale of the product, the individual will get a commission (5%) from the sale of the product.

That’s right, if I go to a social media and share a Television and people who follow me later on buy them from my shared post, I will receive a 5% Commission from it!

IOTA Tangle stepping in the Gaming Industry

Also last week, on March 28, Unity Technologies announced that IOTA’s Tangle will be integrated into the Unity 3D. Unity, for those who don’t know, is the most popular cross-platform game engine in the world.

What to take from all this

If you still don’t know what to take from all this I will tell you:IOTA is working hard on following its mission and objectives. The future of the Internet of Things can only be thankful for the steps IOTA is taking. Only last week they made these 4 amazing announcements on updates on their own platform, in two different exchanges and also in completely different ramifications of Blockchain (e-commerce and Gaming).

I can only say I am very interested on watching all this unfold. From day One IOTA wants to revolutionize the Blockchain Industry and it seems last week they gave us 4 more good reasons to believe so.