Where To Find the Best Site for Bitcoin Sports Betting?

Where To Find the Best Site for Bitcoin Sports Betting?

Using crypto-currencies for sports betting becomes more popular every day. It is easy to see why: You can get rid of the restrictions of governments and gamble without sharing your identity with third parties. Moreover, there are no league restrictions: You can bet on sports betting for every league from anywhere in the world and get much higher rates than the regular betting sites. So what is the best platform for Bitcoin sports betting? The team at Bitcoin Gambling 101 – Sports have done the research, let’s take a look!


Owned by world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, Buff88 was founded in 2015. Unfortunately, it does not support anonymous membership. For the same reason, it does not accept members from the USA and UK. Appealing to the Asian market, it is a preferred platform for e-sports betting because it offers higher odds than the industry average. The previous name of the site was “VitalBet”, which was well known in bitcoin betting circles. It is possible to play sports betting for a total of 17 categories and all international leagues are supported. You can even place a bet for chess tournaments! While not a successful site in terms of design, the supported number of sports and betting types is high, making Buff88 a strong contender. The website is operated by Galaxy Group 88 and licensed from Curacao eGaming. Buff88 gets its rates from Odds.gg. It supports only Bitcoin and Fiat currencies.


This is an Asian sports betting site founded in 2016. Beteast has no license but it is still not possible to join anonymously. It applies country restrictions to the citizens of US, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Spain. Both sports and e-sports betting services are provided. Beteast supports a total of 16 sports, including exotic ones such as darts, crickets, and chess. It is possible to say that the betting rates are below the sector average. However, the e-sports betting category is quite wide and supports a lot of games that can’t be seen in the Western market, such as “King Pro”. Bet cashout feature is available. Only Bitcoin is supported but it is also possible to use Fiat currencies. The website design is not very useful, but it works seamlessly on mobile devices.


One of the oldest Bitcoin betting sites. It was founded in 1999 and accepts American bettors. Unfortunately, its background is a bit problematic: Sportsbetting.ag went bankrupt in 2011. It was bought by BetOnline in 2012 and is still being run by the same company. No country restrictions apply. However, citizens of some countries cannot make a payment by credit card due to their countries gambling laws. With its archaic design; Sportbetting.ag supports all US leagues and offers financial betting options as well as e-sports betting. It is one of the best choices especially for bettors interested in American leagues. The odds are slightly above sector averages. But there is a serious reliability problem: BetOnline was accused of being part of a poker scam chain in 2011. For this reason, we do not know how reliable it is. Sportsbetting.ag supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Fiat currencies.


Anonibet was founded in 2011 and claims to be the first Bitcoin betting site to begin accepting crypto-currencies. You can sign up anonymously and no country restrictions apply for the sports betting category. We can say it has a very professional and responsive design. It does not have any license but is considered to be one of the reliable sites. It only offers Bitcoin and USD support. You can bet for 15 different sports. The odds are higher than sector averages. It is possible to place a bet on really exotic sports, such as Futsal and Pesapello. However, e-sports betting option is not offered. The first deposit of new members is matched up to 5 BTC.


Unlike many other websites, Lunarbets offers only sports betting service. In other words, you won’t be able to find casino games here. Lunarbets opened in 2016 and does not use a license. For the same reason, it is possible to become a member from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can choose to stay anonymous. Lunarbets supports more than 50 sports and there are some really exotic options among them, such as drone racing, luge, bobsleigh, and Alpine skiing. To be honest, we never heard of “luge” before and we had to check it to understand what it is (some type of a sled race). According to lots of resources, Lunarbets offers the best rates among Bitcoin betting sites and this seems to be true. E-sports betting service is also being offered but the number of games supported is very few. This is an old-school sports betting site which supports Bitcoin (and Bitcoin only).


This one is currently the highest rated Bitcoin betting site on SBR. It is online since 2000 but recently started to accept Bitcoin too. However, this is not a full sport: The website still operates in USD. Any Bitcoin you deposit is automatically converted to dollars. Likewise, you cannot withdraw in BTC. While its crypto-currency support is limited, Bookmaker.eu is probably the most reliable option out there. It supports international leagues and makes same day payouts. Betting rates are within the industry average. E-sports betting service is not offered.

It seems Lunarbets is the best option if you want a pure Bitcoin sports betting experience. It offers the full benefits of crypto-currencies and is a much-respected platform among bettors. Bookmaker.eu is the most reliable one but its Bitcoin support is very limited. You should choose according to your expectations: Go with Lunarbets for higher rates and full anonymity. If reliability is more important to you, choose Bookmaker.eu.

Well that’s the list of top Bitcoin Sports Betting Platforms, for more information on Bitcoin Betting sites check out Bitcoin Gambling 101.