John McAfee Tips Public to Buy Docademic (MTC)

John McAfee Tips Public to Buy Docademic (MTC)

John McAfee Tips Public to Buy Docademic (MTC)

The British-American founder of the world’s first commercial anti-virus software, McAfee, has recently turned his attention to the cryptocurrency industry and is throwing his weight behind a new cryptocurrency and Blockchain project in the global healthcare sector. British-born John MacAfee has been prolific in the crypto industry of late and recently reached out to cryptocurrency investors, imploring them to buy a new Medical Token Currency (MTC), a crypto coin that will be used on a brand-new healthcare platform called Docademic that the 72-year-old believes is very much a diamond in the rough.

What is Docademic?

If you are wondering what is Docademic, the concept first came to light in Mexico, when two former medical students sought to find a way of providing free basic health care to all four corners of the globe. At the present time, Docademic is available in almost two dozen countries, with a growing user base throughout the world. Docademic is becoming an intriguing concept on two levels. Firstly, its community-based platform allows doctors and clinicians to interact and enhance their core knowledge, utilising all of the tools available within the platform to refine and improve their practice. Secondly, Docademic has the potential to transform the way individuals seek professional medical help. The platform’s app offers free medical advice based on an individual’s healthcare data.

Docademic’s inaugural English mobile app launches at the beginning of July, with the platform’s US operations kicking off from 1st July, followed by the launch of a secondary app for emergency psychological services by 23rd July.

It’s also hoped that the Docademic platform will provide a helping hand to healthcare institutions and governments, delivering big data on population health and give governments and services the ability to disseminate targeted messages to patients.

McAfee views Docademic as integral to his 2020 US Presidential campaign

Entrepreneur and future US Presidential candidate, John McAfee is extremely passionate about Docademic; so much so that he plans to use Docademic as his preferred healthcare platform should he get into office. The topic of universal healthcare has been a hot one in the United States for many years now, with former President Barack Obama battling hard to force through his Obamacare plan.

McAfee confirmed that Docademic is his preferred healthcare platform and was very vocal about it being “virtually free” and is already “used by millions” across South America and beyond. McAfee added: “It costs me nothing other than an app download and a few MTC tokens to get help”.

At the time of writing, the Docademic iOS and Android apps have been downloaded over 39,000 times, with that number sure to sky-rocket once its US launch has been made. The platform’s founders believe they really are onto something here, devising a win-win model where all involved participants receive some form of value – be it medical advice, data or support – in exchange for the MTC tokens they own. Patients, hospitals, doctors and even governments will be able to exchange information using MTC as the medium based on the value of assets shared.

McAfee claims Docademic price could hit $2.50 by July

Docademic’s plans to tokenise its rapidly developing healthcare platform saw the creation of their own Medical Token Currency (MTC). People will be asked to buy MTC and store it in a wallet for use to purchase healthcare services and goods within the Docademic platform. In May, the Docademic price jumped a staggering 481% within a single week, trading at a market cap of around $108 million. In fact, throughout the whole of May, the Docademic price had soared by an eye-watering 1700%. McAfee confidently predicts we could see the price of MTC hit $2.50 by July, which would equate to another 500% increase in the coming weeks.

Docademic Logo

At the present time, crypto investors and consumers can buy MTC from four leading exchanges, with HitBTC said to be attracting the highest trade volume in recent weeks. MTC is already paired against Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether on the exchanges. There’s no doubt that more people will be clamouring to buy Docademic if its token continues double-digit growth in spite of larger coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum having a tough time.

The release of its psychological services app on 23rd July could be hugely significant in determining the medium-term success of Docademic. You can keep up-to-date with the platform’s developments by signing up to its alert service on the rapidly expanding Telegram channel. If it is well received and reviews are positive, McAfee’s predictions and aspirations for the platform could yet bear fruit.

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