ICO News: Buttrfly ICO Wins Prestigious CoinAgenda Award

The 2018 CoinAgenda conference has announced its top ICO company and this year Buttrfly has topped the bill. Attempting to answer the question of what is ICO and recognizing excellence in the industry, the panel of CoinAgenda judges were unanimous in their praise of the Buttrfly initial coin offering.

With ICOs becoming increasingly popular, Buttrfly has used its token sale to fund its innovative network brands and influences. Based on the EOS blockchain, this decentralized application (dApp) allows users to interact with brands relevant to their industry and interests. In addition to its decentralized database, Buttrfly uses machine learning to create better connections between influencers and major brands.

The Award-Winning Buttrfly Initial Coin Offering

As well as launching the Buttrfly ICO, the blockchain marketplace has been active in showing business leaders the potential benefits of initial coin offerings. With many non-blockchain businesses currently asking what is ICO and what it can do for them, Buttrfly hosted an expert panel back in February.

Featuring talks by Vezt’s Josh Smith and Glen Berg of 11:11, the Buttrfly ICO seminar was a chance for industry insiders and outsiders to discuss new business opportunities within the crypto space. For the CoinAgenda judges, these efforts in tandem with the initial coin offering Buttrfly hosted were impressive enough to give it its latest award. For the dApp creator, just being recognized by CoinAgenda was a huge boost.

“For a company preparing to do an ICO, CoinAgenda drives tremendous value by bringing together an amazing mix of investors, advisors, and other industry leaders,” Nathan Chandra, Co-Founder of Buttrfly, said on July 18.

Following the win, Buttrfly will have the chance to show off its wares at the CoinAgenda Conference in Las Vegas.

The Evolution of ICO Cryptocurrency Funding

ICO crypto sales have evolved markedly over the last five years. When Bitcoin first burst onto the scene, the idea of using cryptocurrency as a funding mechanism wasn’t even considered. However, as Ethereum’s smart contrast system evolved, ICOs emerged as an easy way to raise capital. Indeed, the now famous Binance exchange was founded off the back of an ICO in 2017. As the industry has evolved, companies that weren’t traditionally part of the crypto have started to embrace this new form of funding.

In January 2018, Envion entered the record books after becoming one of the largest ICOs in history. After opening up its initial coin offering, the company attracted 23,000 investors and more than $60 million. Inspired by these efforts, other environmental preservation companies decided to follow suit. Today, WePower, Hydrocoin and Energi-token have all used ICOs to help develop their products. This shift in the ICO list of success stories is a sign of the industry’s continued evolution. Indeed, as blockchain’s influence finds its way into a myriad of industries, ICOs are becoming more relevant.

The Benefits of Blockchain Continue to Show Themselves

The Buttrfly ICO is another node in an ever-growing network that’s showing how cryptos have a utility beyond their digital currency roots. According to the recent report from Imperial College London and eToro, cryptocurrencies need to show their scalability in order to have a long-term future. An integral part of scaling any product is diversification. The Buttrfly ICO and its peers have shown the industry’s diversity and brought another layer of usability to cryptos.

While many will still debate whether a token like Bitcoin can ever usurp the US dollar, there are those that believe the industry doesn’t hinge on cryptos as currencies. Indeed, as Decentralised Capital founder Steven Moss said recently, “Bitcoin will not be remembered as the bubble, but the pin. While the short-term future of Bitcoin may be debatable, the Blockchain and its benefits are not.” The award-winning Initial coin offering Buttrfly hosted is just one of these “benefits” referenced by Moss and, in all likelihood, one of the things that will keep cryptos relevant for a long time to come.