EOS Announces its New Chief Senior Consultant as Part of Growth Plans

EOS Announces its New Chief Senior Consultant as Part of Growth Plans

EOS Announces its New Chief Senior Consultant as Part of Growth Plans

EOS has confirmed the appointment of a new Chief Senior Consultant as part of its significant growth plans for the coming months. Linna Chi has been lined up as the platform seeks to expand its executive team, featuring a string of finance and operations professionals that have been around the block.

Ms Chi has arrived at EOS Inc. from Soon Mining Limited, where she had been working as the Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the organisation’s corporate finance, accounting, investor relations, internal audits and overall risk management. Chi also boasts extensive experience in consultancy for firms in the oil and gold mining industries. In total, Chi has over two decades of financial management expertise, which will be much needed for the EOS platform as it seeks to grow quickly as a publicly traded concern.

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EOS is looking to expand it’s team

He Siang Yang, president and CEO of EOS Inc. welcomed the arrival of Ms Chi and hopes that she can make an “immediate impact” to appease the blockchain’s public investors. Ms Chi cited her desire to “lead the consultant team to be the best [they] can” and to establish an “ideal financial structure” that would enable EOS to “capitalize on the market demand” of its blockchain. The EOS hierarchy hopes that the appointment of well-versed individuals such as Ms Chi will help accelerate the platform’s aggressive marketing expansion into south-east Asia and China.

EOS.io is an incredibly young cryptocurrency with what appears to be a very encouraging future. Its open-source infrastructure has already captured the imagination of developers keen to design and release decentralized applications on the third-generation Ethereum-powered blockchain. EOS is one of the most scalable blockchain platforms available at the time of writing. It’s this scalability which has captured the imagination of investors in the EOS crypto token, with the price of EOS expected to hit $37 by the end of 2018.

Furthermore, the five-year forecast is for EOS to reach $143, so you can see why the organization is working hard to reinforce its executive team to help the team stay focused on the growth targets ahead. The open-source potential of EOS has already caused ripples of nervous tension throughout the rest of the cryptocurrency industry, with many of the larger cryptos seemingly feeling threatened by the new EOSIO Dawn 3.0 platform, given its ability to operate applications of virtually any type on its Ethereum blockchain.

The brains behind the concept of OS was the company, Block.one. The company had a vision of creating a platform that could facilitate the operation of decentralized open-source software, operate autonomously and collect money for individuals via smart contracts. Prior to EOS’ decision to expand its executive team, the platform had already forged exciting partnerships with some of the world’s richest entrepreneurs, namely Eric Schmidt and Mike Novogratz. With such powerful investors behind them, it’s easy to see why the fundamentals of the price of EOS have been solid of late. These are entrepreneurs that are self-made and don’t need the money, but they are passionate about the concept of decentralization.

Another key figure in the long-term success of the roll-out of the EOS platform will be Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Larimer, who is the brains behind developing EOS’ delegated proof-of-stake. This will give users of the EOS blockchain the ability to connect using login names rather than long-winded addresses that can make the sign-up and sign-in process incredibly clunky. Furthermore, EOS will be built to have roles and permissions, allowing users to implement their own data-sharing protocols. Users will be able to decide who can view data they store on the blockchain and who can have influence on it.

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The EOS ICO might be one of the most successful in crypto history.

As companies increasingly start to invest in EOS and utilize it for decentralized applications, it’s difficult not to see the overall valuation of the platform soar. EOS is the closest thing we’ve got to a truly decentralized society. There’s certainly big money already involved when you take the EOS initial coin offering (ICO) into consideration. It is thought that it might raise anything between $2 and $8 billion, making it one of the most successful ICOs in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.

In terms of the most recent price of EOS against the US dollar, EOS has been on a steady uptrend of late, but continues to experience some form of resistance at the $8.50 mark, preventing it from recoiling up towards $9. If it can break the resistance at $8.50, it is likely that the price of EOS could shoot through towards $10 if it attracts support beyond $9. The highest price that EOS has ever reached is $21.27, which was reached back in April this year, but it has been a steady decline ever since. Fortunately for the network, EOS looked to have bottomed out at $6.89 earlier in July and has shown signs of a recoil in the last fortnight. If the EOS executive team can continue to make the right noises, then the fundamentals will surely point towards growth.



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