What is WatermelonBlock ICO? Everything You Need to Know

What is WatermelonBlock ICO? Everything You Need to Know

What is WatermelonBlock ICO? Everything You Need to Know

You don’t have to look at the world of ICOs for long to realize that if there’s one thing that’s driving market activity, it’s opinion.

Reddit, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, Discord, IRC rooms and dozens of other chat and broadcast platforms have been transformed in the age of cryptocurrency into influence farms, churning out wheat-fed, artisanal opinions about forthcoming initial coin offerings, existing cryptocurrencies and everything in between.

In a speculation market, the value of these opinions skyrockets as eager investors seek out the voices of reason and, hopefully, profit.

Typically, gleaning those valuable insights has been a process of mass data absorption and no shortage of trial-and-error. However, a new service and accompanying ICO is aiming to simplify judging market sentiment around ICOs – WatermelonBlock ICO.

So, join us as we share with you everything you need to know about WatermelonBlock and its very own ICO.

WatermelonBlock – The Platform

Pink WatermelonBlock ICO brain assist AI - what is WatermelonBlockStyled as ‘the voice of the market’, WatermelonBlock uses IBM’s supercomputer Watson to perform sentiment analysis on new ICOs, analyzing the social media discourse amongst experts, influencers and the general public to determine the potential success of an ICO.

Accessed through a free iOS and Android application, WatermelonBlock promises insights that simply can’t be gleaned through individual analysis alone. It’s exactly the sort of widespread social analysis which the market is crying out for and could help ICO news hounds keep on top of the latest developments.

WMB also intend to offer white label services through their platform, allowing third-party developers and companies to build customized applications on their platform – something which should extend the life of the platform and boost the value of the coin.

Oh, and that name? Well, speaking on the subject, WatermelonBlock’s director, Elliot Rothfield, said: “It’s fun, it’s quirky and it’s memorable. We really wanted to go against a conventional blockchain name. We figured that there were enough names like Tron (TRX), Dash (DASH), and Laser Gun 5000.”

WatermelonBlock – The Token

Simultaneously, WatermelonBlock is launching the WatermelonBlock Token (WMB), a native token for the platform which is designed for investors to gain access to the sentiment analysis and AI trading tools (slated for Phase 2 Q3 2019) of WatermelonBlock. Built on the NEM Blockchain (following ERC20, in use during the WatermelonBlock token sale), WatermelonBlock’s WMB is built with security in mind.

The ICO is currently in private pre-sale at a token price of 0.116 USD per WMB token. However, during the private and public pre-sale Watermelon Block are offering a pre-sale bonus of 45%, a boon for those intrepid early investors.

The total supply of Watermelon Tokens is limited 400,000,000 of which 60% or 240,000,000 are to be sold over the period of the ICO. Token distribution consists of three rounds: Private sale, ICO Public Sale Round 1 and ICO Public Sale Round 2.

However, WatermelonBlock has announced that WMB will burn up to 50% of the total token supply over time, adding value to users by constantly reducing the token supply.

WatermelonBlock has placed a soft cap of $8,500,000 USB and a hard cap of $19,000,000 USD, but haven’t yet announced the dates of the pre-sale and public sale. As of publication, WatermelonBlock Token had sold 58,152,093 – a total of over $6,750,282.

The only real question is; what would WatermelonBlock’s analysis make of its own ICO? I suppose we’ll just have to wait to find out, but should their analytics work as promised, WMB could prove to be an extremely enticing proposition.

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