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Editor in Chief

Kathy Ellis
[email protected]
Kathy Ellis is an exploration associate who helps organizations and people. Kathys experience incorporates numerous years of exploring and composing. She is a PhD in Insurance and she has been granted with The best understudy grant by the head administrator of her nation. Her accomplished abnormal state of training and recompense discuss her compulsive worker identity. You can account on her precision, auspiciousness, dependability, instantaneousness. She is available to you for looking into and scholastic composition. Kathy is a flawless mother of two children and has available time to work for you. She as of now takes a shot at a paper for distributed in a Journal with effect factor. This her fixation originates from her bearer, which has begun as showing collaborator for a long time at Government University in Macedonia.

Chief Executive Officer

Emilio Conner
[email protected]
Arranging data and making it available, pertinent and helpful is the key ability I convey to the table. While data in each field is openly accessible, overseeing the sheer size of the information, as well as the unpredictability of human judgment and aptitude that created the information can be testing. Thus, significant use of data regularly requires customizing it to the necessities of particular applications and distinct individuals. With a foundation in the educated community as a PhD researcher and college teacher and applicable industry experience, I utilize propelled research strategies and sharp systematic aptitudes to lead wise research and sort out substance into an organized way making it pertinent and promptly usable. Administrations offered include scholarly research, exposition composing, writing surveys, report composing, relative investigation, and editing/altering.


Orlando Rodriquez Finance
Email: [email protected]
Organizing information and making it accessible, relevant and useful is the key skill I bring to the table. While information in every field is freely available, managing not just the sheer scale of the data, but also the complexity of human judgement and expertise that generated the data can be challenging. Hence, meaningful application of information often requires tailoring it to the requirements of specific applications and individual people. With a background in academia as a PhD scholar and university lecturer and relevant industry experience, I use advanced research techniques and sharp analytical skills to conduct intelligent research and organize content into a structured manner making it relevant and immediately usable. Services offered include: academic research, dissertation writing, literature reviews, report writing, comparative analysis, and proofreading/editing.

Francis Lewis Industry
Email: [email protected]
An Honors move on from Canadas most prestigious news-casting school, Carleton University, I have more than ten years composing and publication experience, which compasses blogging, SEO, marking and making creator stages, internet promoting, advertising, and corporate correspondences. My articles can found on such prestigious productions as The Huffington Post, Match.com, Aol.com, Your Tango, and the New York Times ABOUT.com. Ive additionally showed up in USA Today, the Daily Mail, CBCs narrative, The Truth About Female Desire, and CTVs syndicated program, The Social. My diary, titled The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (Seal Press, 2012), was transformed into a 2014 Lifetime Movie. I helped to establish and went about as COO and Managing Editor of the most obvious separation e-magazine, Divorced Women Online.

Iris Howard Markets
Email: [email protected]
I hold a BS in Marketing and have a MBA in Healthcare Management. My experience incorporates more than 10 years of business advancement and advertising in the medicinal services and pharmaceutical commercial ventures. My ranges of skill are good to go improvement, deals, advertising with unique premiums in zones of: social insurance composing, restorative web content, doctor practice and web content, medicinal promoting, statistical surveying, therapeutic web journals, SEO and human services articles.

Elbert Edwards Opinion
Email: [email protected]
Im a PHD holder, Chartered Accountant. Presently working in PWC , one of the enormous four inspecting/bookkeeping firms on the planet and showing understudies in night classes at bookkeeping school . Have top to bottom comprehension of the scholarly subjects and hand on down to earth experience of 5 years. Also, a Doctorate in regular sciences with 7 years of experience as Academic author/specialist.


Maxwell Bolton: Originally from New York but now based in Silican Valley surrounded by some of the leading fintech companies. Maxwell has been working with several ICOs and blockchain startups and has a thorough knowledge of the market.

Siobhan Conner: Having spotted the potential in bitcoin from day one, Siobhan has had an avid interest since leaving university and this has helped her gather a wealth of knowledge and manages to understand the way the market moves based on consumer sentiment.

Ross Eastwood: Ross got into cryptocurrencies whilst studying for a masters degree. Writing articles for various publications throughout his university life, he knew where his career would end up and he is now writing full time for the Independent Republic.