How to Buy Ethereum – Complete Guide

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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that updated Bitcoin’s original design and completely changed the game. If you want to invest in Ethereum (ETH), now may be the best time as the future looks bright. Here we provide a guide about the three easiest ways to buy ETH, especially for new traders. We’ve done our research so you don’t have to. Learn how to get trading fast, below!

5 Quick Steps to Buy Ethereum

  • Choose a well-reputed broker/exchange (our top recommendations are below)
  • Register a new account on your chosen platform
  • Complete the new account verification process
  • Order Ethereum
  • Pay and confirm your order, then watch your profits grow!

Why Buy Ethereum Now?

Behind Bitcoin (BTC) [link to Bitcoin COIN page], Ethereum is easily the world’s most well known digital asset. And while Bitcoin functions only as a currency, Ethereum can do much more. 2018 hasn’t been kind to all cryptocurrency prices, Ethereum included, but Ethereum’s vision remains unparalleled in the industry. You may want to invest in Ethereum cryptocurrency [Interlink to Ethereum Page] now. Prices this low may never be seen again.

Ethereum was conceived by prodigy Vitalik Buterin while he was still a teenager. He endeavored to create a blockchain that could not only move money around but also serve as a new evolutionary stage in the internet’s development. Ethereum hosts “smart contracts” – algorithms that perform their functions independently of human oversight.

Smart contracts can be video games, websites, social media platforms and more. All of these run automatically on the blockchain, without centralized servers or huge backing corporations. Smart contracts can also be created for secure voting, data storage, identity protection, etc. Ethereum smart contracts are already changing the world.

Some investors fear that Ethereum will lag behind newer smart contract blockchains, but the fact is Ethereum has a massive head start. The platform boasts the best blockchain developers in the world and more financing than they could use up in a decade. Coming updates promise to reaffirm Ethereum’s dominance in the space, and possibly threaten Bitcoin’s position as #1.

If you want to buy Ether now, but don’t have experience with cryptocurrency, we’ll show you where and how. Just keep reading.


What is the Best Site on Which to Buy Ethereum?

Ethereum and other coins
Ethereum coin

There are many exchanges and brokers that will let you invest in ETH. Not all of these are easy for newcomers to use, though. Some sites are even fraudulent – stealing money from their unwitting customers. We’ve identified three easy and honest brokers that will have you buying Ether in minutes.


(credit/debit, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, etc.)

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eToro is a trusted CFD broker for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. With CFDs, you get all the profit potential of Ethereum without the hazards of traditional ownership. You won’t have to use an Ethereum wallet or protect yourself from hacking. No coins change hands, and eToro does all the paperwork. eToro is fully regulated by CySEC and FCA and fully safe to use.

Create your eToro account, deposit money using one of the approved payment methods, choose to buy Ethereum, and decide how much you wish to buy. From here, you’ll decide how long you wish your Ethereum CFD contract to last before expiration. The price at the end of the contract’s duration will determine your profits.

  • Regulated by CySEC & FCA
  • Excellent international reach
  • Users can copy successful traders
  • Crypto Copyfund – diversify your investments and reduce risk


(Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit, MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve)

24Option is another CFD broker that favors new users. Available for almost a decade, 24Option is well regulated and allows access to various asset classes through a single web interface/phone app. Start an account using this 24Option guide.

Once you’ve completed your new account, add funds using one of the approved payment methods. Then choose to invest in Ethereum. Decide how much money you wish to lock into your first Ethereum CFD. Choose the duration of the CFD. Complete the purchase and wait for the contract to expire.

  • Regulated by CySEC, IFSC
  • Trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices on one platform
  • 24-hour support in 11 different languages


(Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit, Bitcoin, Ethereum)

Luno is the only traditional exchange on this list. Here, you’ll buy Ethereum coins the conventional way. Once received you’ll be responsible for storing them in a secure Ethereum wallet. You can hold or trade Ethereum as you please after this point, after starting your new account using our Luno guide.

Sign up for Luno on your mobile device. Connect your bank account or debit/credit card. From here, simply choose Ethereum. Complete the purchase. Find your new coins in your Luno wallet on the platform. Transfer these ETH coins to a wallet you control outside of the Luno platform.

  • Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on one platform
  • Modern mobile trading platform
  • Available in North America, Europe and more regions


Our Expert Opinion: Invest in ETH on eToro

After extensive review, eToro is our choice of best broker to buy Ethereum for new traders. As we’ve written in our guide to eToro, the platform has the simplest interface, the greatest global reach, the highest level of customer service, and the lowest commission fees among comparable CFD brokerage options.

You may buy Ethereum through other brokers in your crypto trading career, but you can’t start with a better broker than eToro.


Buying Ethereum: Payment Methods

Ethereum can be purchased using your local currency through many channels (Paypal, Neteller, bank transfer, credit/debit card purchase, etc.). CFD brokers like eToro tend to accept only direct payment with cash, but concentional crypto exchanges often accept other cryptocurrencies as payment, like Bitcoin.

Credit & Debit Cards

In some cases, large banks don’t allow customers to buy Ethereum with a credit card. In most other cases, the brokers we’ve mentioned and other CFD cryptocurrency options with accept payments through debit and credit cards with no difficulty.


Paypal is seldom accepted as a payment option in this industry, but eToro is a noteworthy exception. The Paypal platform is a convenient link between your bank and various vendors/brokers around the web, with your protection in mind.


How to Buy Ethereum in Your Country

Every country regulates Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in its own way. Some leave these markets unregulated, though more general financial regulations may still apply in cases of fraud. Make sure to do your research before you buy Ethereum, especially if you live outside of America or the EU.


How to Store Your Ether in a Wallet

An Ethereum crypto wallet is a piece of software that protects your Ethereum coins while allowing you to trade or transact. CFD brokers like eToro don’t require you to use a wallet, though your trading activity will be limited to this specific platform. For new users, this is often the easiest option.


Ethereum Mining

Ethereum is mined, just like Bitcoin. Ethereum crypto mining requires expensive, powerful computers. This is a big cost up front, but you can make incredible profits if you have the right gear. This is a deep topic so make sure to do your Ethereum mining research if you’re interested.


Ethereum is already changing the internet and the way we pay. If you believe, as we do, that Ethereum’s best days are yet to come, you may want to buy Ethereum now while prices are still low. If you invest in Ethereum and all goes well, you could see incredible returns on your investment. We definitely recommend investing in Ethereum at eToro as part of a diversified portfolio. Good luck!


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Buy Ethereum FAQs

What does Ethereum have to do with ICOs?
An ICO is when a new cryptocurrency is sold to investors for the first time. Ethereum entered the market this way in 2014. Today, Ethereum’s technology is used to allow new blockchain companies to enter the market.
Is Vitalik Buterin the leader of Ethereum?
Even though Vitalik Buterin is the most famous personality related to ETH, Ethereum is a decentralized organization, meaning that people all around the world collaborate to lead it.
Do smart contracts and dApps already exist?
Many smart contracts and dApps are already in operation. Much of Ethereum is run by smart contract, and games like Crypto Kitties are well known.
What are some practical applications of the Ethereum blockchain?
The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance represents dozens of companies around the world, all of which utilize the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain in some way or other.
What's the difference between Ether and Ethereum?
While some people use the two words to mean the same thing, strictly speaking, Ether is the cryptocurrency used specifically for smart contracts, while Ethereum covers all applications.



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