ARNA Genomics Introduces Breast Cancer Diagnosis To The Blockchain Scene

ARNA Genomics Introduces Breast Cancer Diagnosis To The Blockchain Scene

ARNA Genomics Introduces Breast Cancer Diagnosis To The Blockchain Scene

According to World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF), breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 (second most common cancer overall). This represents about 12% of all new cancer cases and 25% of all cancers in women. It is the fifth most common cause of death from cancer in women. Current breast cancer diagnosis methods could cost from $100 to $800 USD per patient and they can be very exhausting and time-consuming. ARNA Genomics is an innovative health company integrating blockchain into the medical field of cancer diagnosis in order to make it cheaper, faster and reliable, promising a 96.04% diagnosis accuracy.

Breast cancer risk doubles each decade until menopause, after which the increase slows. However, breast cancer is more common after menopause. Survival rates for breast cancer vary worldwide, but in general, rates have improved. This is because breast cancer is diagnosed at an earlier and localized stage in nations where populations have access to medical care, and progressive improvement in treatment strategies. In many countries with advanced medical care, the five-year survival rate of early-stage breast cancers is 80–90 percent, falling to 24 percent for breast cancers diagnosed at a more advanced stage.

In general, cancer is a set of extremely lethal diseases, connected with genetic “damage” of cells. Cancer is the second cause of mortality worldwide, taking almost 10 million lives annually. Today there is no single diagnostic or treatment method for all types of this disease. It has been proven beyond doubt that the earlier the disease is identified, the higher are the chances to be cured. Early cancer diagnostics is one of the greatest hopes of humanity in curing the disease; however, it remains problematic as clinical symptoms do not reveal themselves neither to the patient nor to doctors until it’s too late. For decades scientists attempted to develop the accurate methods of early cancer diagnostics: great advancements have been made in disease understanding, but the problem remains unsolved. The hottest current approach to early cancers diagnostics is the method called “liquid biopsy” that consists in blood test looking for the traces of the cancer cells. Such approach has already been approved by FDA but remains challenging because of numerous technological bottlenecks. What if we could elevate the technology required for such tests and diagnoses? Here comes ARNA into play.

After 10 years of scientific research, ARNA Genomics founders developed a proprietary technological platform of liquid biopsy based on several breakthroughs, ranging from unique proprietary methods of DNA amplification from blood cells to defining the set of cancer DNAs, detection of which leads to a confident diagnosis. The platform is truly fundamental and allows developing tests for many types of cancer, starting with the most notorious killers: cancers of lung, liver, pancreas, colon, ovary, and prostate.

ARNA Genomics plans to produce these tests in a timely manner, however, the current focus belongs to ARNA BC, the test for Breast Cancer, the nightmare of modern women. ARNA BC demonstrates superior sensitivity and validity in the laboratory testing and appears to functionally exceed all known tests for Breast Cancer.

The ARNA Pancaea Platform

ARNA Genomics will provide to all market players working with cancer a fundamentally new way to access and interact with the clinical trials data collection and storage environment. Using ARNA tokens the holders would be able to pay for other system members services (e.g. cancer check-ups, tests, etc.), get access to the medical trial data storage system for professional medical use, pay for other system users services or start fundraising to perform a new study.

That reminds us of Zenome only that ARNA is specialized in detecting and providing immediate solutions to various types of cancer starting with breast cancer diagnosis.

The ARNA team seems solid having professionals in the scene with decades of experience in DNA, Physics, Biology, Drug Testing and Cancer detection and treatment.

We are looking forward to seeing how this evolves, being one of the most promising and significant projects 2018 has to offer when it comes to the distributed ledger technology scene combining blockchain and the industrial health sector into one platform.

Let me know what you think about ARNA, Zenome and other similar projects in the comments below. What is your favorite health-related blockchain based project for this year?

Reporting for The Independent Republic, Ross Peili



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