Can Vince Holding Corp. (VNCE) Carry On Its Bullish Trend?

Can Vince Holding Corp. (VNCE) Carry On Its Bullish Trend?

Can Vince Holding Corp. (VNCE) Carry On Its Bullish Trend?

Vince Holding Corp. (VNCE) has seen its share price leap +15.56% higher in the last 30-day period, but can it continue this positive trend? In calendar 2017 alone, the company’s stock has tumbled -87.16% lower. In the past 12 months, Vince Holding Corp. has fallen -90.58%. The stock’s 52-week range is $0.28 to $ 7.17, and its three-month range has been $0.28 to $2.10.

At the moment, the company has 54.89M shares outstanding – bringing its market capitalization to $28.35M.

Vince Holding Corp’s 5-day moving average is currently $0.49, which is -5.77% below its most recent closing price of $0.52. The company’s 50-day moving average is $0.70, or 34.62% above the stock’s latest closing price, and its 100-day moving average is $1.33 – just 155.77% above its most recent closing price.

What is Wall Street saying?

VNCE average rating has changed in recent months. Three months ago, 2 analysts weighed in on the stock – with no analysts rating it as a Strong Buy, no analyst rating it as a Moderate Buy, 2 analysts giving it a Hold, and no final analyst giving it a Strong Sell.

Diving Into Vince Holding Corp.’s Financials

Checking out a company’s Return on Assets (ROA) is useful in that it allows us to assess how well it is turning a profit in relation to its total assets. At the moment, Vince Holding Corp.’s ROA is -53.40%. The larger a company’s ROA, the better it is at generating income using its available assets.

VNCE gross margin, which calculates the percentage of sales revenue that is not spent on the cost of good sold (COGS) related to the products sold, is currently 46.50%. This means that for every $1.00 generated from a product sale, Vince Holding Corp. retained $0.47 of the earnings – with the rest going toward the production of the goods.

Vince Holding Corp. has a profit margin of -65.70%. Profit margin shows us the percentage of a company’s net sales that it retains as earnings, and is a helpful tool in evaluating financial performance. The percentage is calculated by taking a company’s net income and dividing it by net revenues.

Another helpful metric we can consider when evaluating aVince Holding Corp. (VNCE) sales performance is its operating margin, which is calculated by subtracting depreciation and operating expenses from total revenues. Operating margin helps us evaluate a company’s pricing strategy and how efficiently its operations are running. Vince Holding Corp.’s operating margin is -26.80%.

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