Cardano (ADA) Fever

Cardano (ADA) Fever

Cardano (ADA) Fever

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I was at the doctor’s this morning and I was not feeling good. When the doctor asked me what was wrong, all I could speak about is how I think Cardano (ADA) is the next big thing due to its next generation of blockchain technology. I kept reiterating that everything is pointing to a good market performance of the coin and similar adoption of the platform and ecosystem. The doctor looked me straight in the eye and told me that I had Cardano (ADA) fever.

To tell you the truth, I was perplexed as to how the doctor knew about cryptocurrencies. Then I heard that he wanted to utilize blockchain technology to decentralize patient records and payments starting with his clinic and then going global. We then had a deep conversation about the recent FUD, market corrections, Cardano (ADA) as a possible solution to his clinic’s finances, and how Space X is sending rockets to space that can land back on their own like in the movies.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Cardano (ADA) Fever’s only cure, is that I keep an eye on the coin in the markets and also inform people about what it does and its next generation blockchain technology.

We shook hands – the doctor and I – and I promised to tell more people about Cardano (ADA) as part of my treatment.

So how are the markets treating Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano (ADA) is currently ranked 5th on with a market cap of slightly over $9 Billion. The coin is currently trading at $0.35 which is a 1,844% increase since it appeared in exchanges around September, 2017. Back then it was trading at $0.018. At its peak, the coin was trading at $1.26. I believe Cardano has the potential of reaching the $3 mark by July this year if the market behaves and Cardano (ADA) becomes more popular. Some have predicted a $100 value by the end of 2018.

If $100 per Cardano (ADA) could materialize, that would bring its market capitalization to $2.592 Trillion and surpassing that of Bitcoin.

Is this really possible?

It depends on the adoption of Cardano (ADA) and if it can take over the market in an unlikely Tsunami!

So what is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano was launched on 29th September 2017 and is run as a non-profit organization. This is similar to how Stellar (XLM) and Dash (DASH) run their projects. The non-profit aspect allows such projects to focus more on the delivery of the objectives of the project rather than the value of the coin on the exchanges. This guarantees the founders stay true to the project and not on the coin performance in the markets.

Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain technology whose main aim is decentralize economies and to democratize finance in emerging markets. With its decentralized applications and smart contracts, such financial transactions will be executed quickly, securely, at a low cost and in a scalable way.

Its platform is designed from the ground up allowing it to deliver a secure and sustainable blockchain that has privacy of the user as its primary objective. Cardano openly admits the need for regulation but only to prevent the so called ‘chaos’ that is in the cryptocurrency markets.

One can wonder that this stability and regulation might be the motivating factor of generating approximately 30 Billion tokens. Huge supply means that there will always be some way of getting some Cardano (ADA) in the market and the price remains relatively stable with time.

The fact that the coin’s name is derived from a legendary Italian mathematician, physician and astrologer known as Gerolamo Cardano, makes you have some faith in the goal of having a good blockchain algorithm behind the platform.  Also, ADA, is derived from the English mathematician Ada Lovelace.

In summary, I was diagnosed with Cardano Fever by my very good physician who happens to be a cryptocurrency enthusiast and a fan of simplifying financial operations in his clinic. One begins to wonder if he is the modern incarnation of Gerolamo Cardano who the coin is named after.

The only treatment for Cardano (ADA) fever is for the sufferer to talk about the coin and its ecosystem. I hope by doing so, I have eased my symptoms and offered hope for all Caradano Fever sufferers out there.

P.S: There is no Cardano Fever 🙂 

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  • Jensen

    Nice one! I enjoyed reading a crypto article that wasn’t so serious!

    Check out the cardano roadmap too. It’s packed full of features and the future looks promising.

    1 year ago
    • John P. Njui

      Thank you for the kind words. I am reading the roadmap as soon as I am done typing this. Cheers!

      1 year ago