NEO (NEO): The Chosen One That Will Revolutionize Smart Contracts

NEO (NEO): The Chosen One That Will Revolutionize Smart Contracts

NEO (NEO): The Chosen One That Will Revolutionize Smart Contracts

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Allow me to indulge in an analogy of NEO, the coin, to being the chosen one in the Crypto-Verse as was seen with the main character of the Matrix series of movies with the same name. In the movies, Neo – the character played by Keanu Reeves – at first seems a bit skeptical about the burden bestowed upon him to save the human race from rogue machines that keep them in a state of permanent slumber as they harness their energy creating capabilities to generate electricity. The machines plug in the humans into an alternate reality called the Matrix to fool them into believing that they are actually living real lives and NEO is that guy who will end this cycle.

So what makes NEO (NEO) the Chosen Coin in the Crypto-verse?

Let us begin by analyzing NEO with its coin performance in the markets. NEO is currently valued at $135 at the moment of writing this. It was introduced in the markets around September 2016 at a meager price of $0.18. Can you believe that? It was valued at under $0.20. Since then it has peaked at $191 on January 16th this year. This is a 106,011% value increase in a period of around 16 Months: which is 1 year and 4 months.

To add to the above, the total supply of the coins is constant at 100 Million; no mining required. And the circulating supply is 65 Million, much lesser than the Ethereum in circulation: 97 Million. As a matter of fact, we can now declare that NEO has potential to reach current prices held by Ethereum of $950 especially with the new Chinese Lunar year. Things are looking up since we have to remember that NEO is the beloved in its homeland of China.

A second reason that makes NEO the chosen one, is the capability of NEO owner to receive dividends of the platform in the form of Gas (GAS) tokens. Yes. You get tokens if you own NEO coins through a process where the supply of GAS grows by 8 with every NEO block (15 – 25 seconds). These 8 Gas tokens are distributed between all NEO holders. You can test this theory by checking the GAS supply on Coinmarketcap and refreshing after a few seconds. You will note the volume of GAS goes up each time your refresh after a minute or so. Currently, Gas (GAS) tokens are valued at $47.75. This is a good price for dividends to come in. You can also buy GAS in the numerous exchanges.

The third and main reason why NEO is the chosen coin to revolutionize smart contracts, is the ease developers can create the said contracts on the NEO platform. By being open source and a better platform to that provided by Ethereum, NEO is geared towards being the pioneer of the economy of the future on the blockchain. The beauty of NEO’s platform is that you can program your smart contracts using numerous programming languages that include: python, C#, Java and other mainstream programming languages. This is unlike Ethereum where you have to learn their proprietary programming language known as Solidity. This programming language was influenced by C++, Python and JavaScript and specifically designed for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

NEO’s Universal Lightweight Virtual Machine (NeoVM) can accomodate these mainstream programming languages without forcing the owner to learn an extra programming syntax.

In summary, NEO is a coin to watch out for moving forward from today. It has the potential of outgunning Ethereum in the market and also in terms of pushing smart contracts for a smart economy. It has the advantage of having lesser coins in circulation backed by the fact that it is the favorite of many crypto traders from Asia and particularly, China. As more Decentralized Apps are created on the NEO platform, the more the possibilities of delivering a smart economy backed by smart contracts.

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