Populous (PPT) on the Cheap – Beta Market to Launch Soon

Populous (PPT) on the Cheap – Beta Market to Launch Soon

Populous (PPT) on the Cheap – Beta Market to Launch Soon

The recent crypto market has been scary over the last week without exception. From Bitcoin to sh*tcoins the entire market is selling off. The last few days really started the sell-off with the confirmation of the long held rumors of BitConnect closing shop following cease orders from Texas and North Carolina which seemingly confirmed BitConnect as a ponzi scheme. The sell off though has now produced prices recently thought would not be visited again with some of our favorite currencies. Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA) and now Populous (PPT) all seeing 30%+ declines in recent days which may be creating a buying opportunity.

Populous is one of our favorites at TheindependentRepublic.com and like fellow next-generation blockchain companies is looking to upend a multi-billion dollar market with computing power. The invoice finance market is fragmented, geographic and without centralized markets which bring buyers to sellers which often creates steep discounts for those businesses looking to raise capital.

Just as Ripple (XRP) is doing for large banks and financial transactions cross-border, Populous (PPT) is looking to do for businesses looking to offload risk and raise capital from invoice financing. Populous is creating a market on the ERC-20 Etehreum (ETH) blockchain technology which brings smart contracts to buyers and sellers looking to do business. Already signing the first customer with Luxure Global Brands which deals with luxury brands like Carter and Rolls Royce, Populous has promised a bit 2018 with multiple billion dollar partners in the works.

Beta Market with Live Contracts Launching within 2 weeks 

Right now live contracts are trading hands on the a private netowork. Populous has been coy releasing one such invoice for a Lamborghini priced at $300k which was placed on the network but not available to the public. In November Populous committed to launching an operation Beta network for live trading in Q4 2017. As the new year approached, PPT investors grew anxious as no announcement came.

Now we have an updated timeline from the Populous Twitter feed committing to launch in January 2018. With 14 days left in the month we can safely say we expect the Beta launch within 2 weeks (like what we did there?). The Beta market brings real businesses and invoices with real buyers on the network to enter into smart-contracts utilizing the PPT token. Finally, any crypto investor has a chance to get that lambo they have dreamed of since the launch of Bitcoin. No word if trips to the moon from SpaceX will be available although that would be epic if they were. SpaceX, if you are reading this, please place one trip to the moon on the Beta just for publicity. Please.

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Market Recovery Will Be Based on Good News

There has been an absence of good news in the crypto market since the new year with Envion entering the top-10 all time ICO as perhaps the largest story of the year to date. Even the enthusiasm for Envion has been tempered with the decrease in price of Ethereum which was used as the primary currency for investing in the ICO. In freefall, the crypto market is waiting for some good news from the next generation blockchain economy. With Bitcoin maturing, this leaves the rest of the market to come with the news.

While not the largest crypto coin at #26 on CoinMarketCap and valuation at $1.2 billion, news from Populous is not likely to move the market. A launch of the Beta would energize interest in PPT tokens with a SpaceX partnership #bringSpaceXtoPPT perhaps igniting the entire market. Real invoice investing using crypto could help establish a base and recover form the recent lows for PPT at $34 per coin.

For those with a short memory, remember that most coins are still up a 1000% or more from launch or early 2017 and the recent sell-off simply have removed some of the gains. No investment is taken without risk and no investment should be made with funds one can not afford to lose. Ripple (XRP), Stellar( XLM), Cardano (ADA) are no exception but all have a viable mlti-billion dollar market which they are just establishing with proof-of-concept already established. Populous (PPT) is no exception and the recent decline could offer a buying opportunity looking back 1-3-5 years from now. Populous dev team, if you are reading this, find a way to bring a moon launch to the Beta. #bringSpaceXtoPPT

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