Ripple (XRP): The Rocky Balboa of Cryptocurrencies

Ripple (XRP): The Rocky Balboa of Cryptocurrencies

Ripple (XRP): The Rocky Balboa of Cryptocurrencies

[Photo: Rocky celebrating his ascent up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum. Source:]

I like telling stories. I believe stories are the best means of capturing the imagination of the listener and story teller with the help of the past, the present and the projected future. Stories also help to tell the story of extraordinary individuals, events and in this case, extraordinary coins such as Ripple!

The story I’d like to tell today is the similarities of Ripple (XRP) to the famed movie that made famous the City of Philadelphia back in 1976. So much so, that a huge statue of Sylvester Stallone was erected next to the Philadelphia Museum as a remembrance of the great film that showcased the underdog story of an individual that simply would never give up despite all the odds against him. Such under-dog stories are loved by everyone across the globe.

A similar story is happening right now in the American NFL  where the Philadelphia Eagles are en route to a Superbowl appearance that has taken almost one and half decades to achieve. It took the Eagles 14 long years to be where they are today. The Eagles last graced the Superbowl arena back in 2004 when they lost to the same opponents they face this year: The New England Patriots. The Patriots have won the event 5 times since then (including last year) and hope for a sixth Superbowl trophy and rings this year.

But I am digressing with my stories 🙂 …So let me get back to Ripple.

Ripple is The Rocky Balboa of the Crypto-Verse. The concept of Ripple is solid. The coin has proved itself by offering cheap ($0.0004) transactions at the speed of 3.3 seconds. This is the cheapest and fastest coin out there. Yet it still is a victim of  FUD! Ripple is constantly shunned by the disciples of The Big Coin known as Bitcoin!

To me, this is preposterous! And Bitcoin shall fall in a manner similar to how Apollo Creed fell in Rocky II. In the first Rocky film, Creed was Mr. America and arrogant to choose any boxer as his opponent. What he did not know, is that Rocky Balboa had The Eye of a Tiger. Rocky’s drive was the thrill of the fight; matching the spirit of the opponent; and fighting till the last man is standing. Creed won the first fight, albeit by a narrow margin of points.

A similar fight and mentality is what Ripple owners and users need to knock out the heavyweight known as Bitcoin from the number one spot. Bitcoin needs to know that there is a new kid in town who will take the top place at!

So how will Ripple do that?

By shooting to The Moon!

The constant partnerships Ripple has invested in will cement the idea that it is the coin to have. This is despite all the FUD about the coin. Ripple has been accused of being a sellout to Banks and going against the vision of the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto! Satoshi envisioned a decentralized payment system without the regulation of banks or governments. We, the users, would determine the price of the coin and how it were used.

It is with such a premise that die hard Satoshi fans see Ripple as a sellout from that vision. But could it be that this is a case of Art of War of destroying the enemy from within? If you are student of Sun Tzu then you get this very well.

I’m not proposing a conspiracy, but could the use of Ripple in banks, coupled with the availability and trading of the coin outside these banks be the beginning of the End for Big Banks?

Think of it this way, once Ripple is validated for use by banks, then this invalidates Fiat currency and the need for the same banks to make payments.

In a nutshell, if this were a revolution in payments and banking, this is how it would start!

Viva La Revolution!

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