The Ripple (XRP) Effect

The Ripple (XRP) Effect

The Ripple (XRP) Effect

Ripple (XRP) – How does one navigate themselves through all the many currencies to one that may not only turn a profit but make a person a millionaire in the process? The best choice is to seek a currency that holds a value and ultimately serves a purpose. Buying the first currency you see everyone moving towards has its luster but is not exactly the best approach to this market and is gambling at best. At worst as we have seen can take a minuscule investment to amazing heights only to watch it crash below the market originally entered into.

So what options are out there for a savvy investor or amateur looking to get their feet wet in crypto. The best choice is to look at crypto currency like a traditional company treating the coins not as currency but rather as shares. Read the white paper to understand what the company is doing to solve a problem. And remember that problem can be one that solves an issue with cryptocurrencies in general.

(XRP) is Solving a Real Problem

Ripple (XRP) is a good example of a crypto that is solving a real problem  It helps banks to make transaction speeds faster and cheaper then fiat currencies. This has been substantial and has not gone unnoticed. This crypto currency sought big gains and much notoriety. And although seeing these big gains have pulled back in the past couple of weeks during its correction phase. This crypto is worth looking at for the traditional investors or amateurs seeking long term gains.

So where does ripple have its troubles?  Due to tremendous speculation and get rich quick gambling on the market one is still bound to see rapid fluctuations in today’s crypto currency prices and XRP as well. That and the fact that XRP may be in essence too centralized for the majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts compared to its counterpart currency. Some may view XRP as too centralized and therefore may stay far from trading the currency. This is due in part by dogmatic belief that it may not be worthy of investment since it is not a true representation of what the elusive maker of bitcoin had originally intended.

The Ripple Effect

XRP has split the market as what I am considering the ripple effect. It has changed the way cryptos are viewed and ultimately will decide what the market will do in the future. The question is will investors continue to uphold the decentralized storyline or will regulators and centralized controllers be able to sway investors. Either way XRP has already set precedence that cryptos can be useful even if still in the hands of a few. Time may only tell. There is always room for both centralized and decentralized cryptos.

So let’s consider what makes XRP the next best thing since Bitcoin BTC. Well for starters BTC requires massive amounts of mining which has cost numerous amounts of electrical power to process the blockchain. It is slow and cumbersome at best. Bitcoin cash may be the next best thing but has struggled to see the gains BTC has. with that said BTC has more issues. It has seen big swings rather than stability. It has lost more then half its perceived value. Yes perceived value. It has not enough real use for payments or payment processing; unlike its payment processing counterpart XRP. XRP is quickly gaining more and more support from companies due to its ability to process payments quickly. Moneygram and recently Wester Union have joined ranks in using the lesser excepted crypto also. Some speculate Amazon could be next. It has taken also BTC much longer to see the same gains ripple has in the past year. Making some to reasonably speculate Ripple to topple bitcoin. Others may perceive no currency will ever reach the BItcoins frenzy again. Again time will tell.

XRP May be the Next Best Investment You are Looking for

In the grand scheme of things it would be best to decide which type of investor you are in this community which is still getting started. Centralized and decentralized proponents may just be surprised by the outcome. In the mean time learn more about ripple (XRP). It may be the next best investment you are looking for.

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