Top 10 ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in 2019

Top 10 ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in 2019

Top 10 ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in 2019

Top ICOs Initial Coin Investments 2019

  • EndChain
  • BBXC Bluebelt
  • ChainZilla
  • Proof of TOSS
  • Doctor Smart
  • SaTT
  • Guarium
  • HubrisOne
  • DecentraX
  • Azbit

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – Noun: “A type of funding whereby a company raises capital by selling digital tokens as a low price.”

History of ICOs

The first reported ICO was held in 2013 by Mastercoin. Although its aim to create an entirely new network of cryptocurrencies fell short, it’s decision to raise money by selling tokens formed the basis of a model that almost all crypto start-ups use today.

Why ICOs Started

The main reason companies host ICOs is to raise funds. However, unlike traditional funding methods, ICOs provide a more intimate link between the company and its investors. By purchasing tokens, buyers are contributing to the blockchain in the sense they are using the currency that powers the system. Additionally, ICOs are a way of releasing a supply of digital tokens. In essence, the initial sale kickstarts the project and creates liquidity before the tokens become publicly traded assets.

Notable Supporters of ICOs

Many industry insiders support ICOs. However, with the market now worth upwards of $1.2 billion, a number of celebrities have jumped into the mix. Some of the most notable ICO supporters include Floyd Mayweather, Paris Hilton and Steven Seagal.

Top 10 ICOs to Invest in 2019

ICO investments
Invest in the best ICOs of 2019. Peshkova – Shutterstock

Want to invest in an ICO this year? Well, here are 10 of the best ICOs for 2019:

EndChain: Logistics is always an issue. Trying to connect individual producers, suppliers, vendors and haulage companies is never easy. EndChain has developed a blockchain that aims to link individuals in the supply chain. Using a decentralized network, the company believes it can make supply chains more efficient and, in turn, more cost-effective.

BBXC Bluebelt: Asia is the leading continent in terms of cryptocurrency usage, mining and more. Based on that, Bluebelt offers a series of exchanges across Asia. With a potential market of 4.46 billion, this ICO has a fantastic chance of performing well if the exchanges can continue to offer liquidity and avoid any security breaches.

ChainZilla: Blockchain has become a buzz word for developers, businesses and advertisers in recent years. Although many companies are simply piggybacking off the hype, there are plenty of start-ups that want to harness this technology. ChainZilla is providing a place for developers to do that. An end-to-end service, this platform provides the necessary tools for people to launch their own blockchains, dApps and even ICOs.

Proof of TOSS: Online gaming is now worth upwards of $50 billion but issues of transparency still plague the industry. Although regulators are there to ensure games are fair, many operators keep their random number generator codes secret. Proof of TOSS wants to open-up the industry with a peer-to-peer solution that uses smart contracts to settle bets. As well as eliminating disputes and speeding up payout times, the system helps solve the issue of transparency in online gaming.

Doctor Smart: Medical data and patient access became a big issue in 2017 after the WannaCry virus saw hospital databases across the world fall victim to hackers. Doctor Smart not only provides a secure, decentralized way to store medical records but empowers patients to manage their own information. By offering people the power to handle their own records, this company is helping to restore trust in the medical system, something that could benefit ICO investors.

SaTT: ICOs based on the Ethereum blockchain often perform well and SaTT certainly has the potential to generate a positive return for investors. The fundamental idea behind this project is to protect the integrity of data, specifically online ads. By creating a disconnect between advertisers and their campaigns, the smart contract-based network is able to protect ads from hacks or malfunctions meaning that consumers aren’t given misleading information or links.

Guarium: eCommerce is worth more than $2.7 trillion annually and the system itself is fairly efficient and robust. However, Guarium’s platform is designed to not only automate many of the essential processes that facilitate online sales but create an internal payment system that offers more security for buyers and sellers.

HubrisOne: Anything connected to the banking sector always has a chance of succeeding. Indeed, with 15% of the world’s financial institutions now actively involved in the blockchain sector, HubrisOne is clearly entering a buoyant market. Put simply, this mobile app is aiming to build more trust between banks and cryptocurrencies, thus bringing them together in a productive way.

DecentraX: Scalability is the limiting factor for many blockchains. Although Ripple and XRP are aiming to process as many financial transactions as Visa and MasterCard, blockchains are still unable to compete on a commercial scale. DecentraX is aiming to change that with DCX Minmaster Chips that will process hash algorithms more efficiently and, in theory, make it possible to process 1 million+ transactions per second.

Azbit: Trading will always be a strong market to invest in and Azbit is aiming to make the investment process even slicker. By storing quotes in a blockchain, the decentralized platform is designed to eliminate conflicts between brokers and traders. What makes this an attractive ICO is the fact it holds a European banking license and, therefore, has a legal base from which to act.

Why Invest in ICOs?

We know there have been issues with the ICO industry in recent times. However, there are still plenty of reasons to invest in crypto start-ups. However, before you take the plunge, make sure you consider the following points:


Getting in on the ground floor of a promising project is always a good idea as the cost of your shares (i.e. digital tokens) will be significantly lower than they would be if you invest at a later date.

One of the biggest strengths of modern ICOs is diversity. Since developers started to see the potential of blockchains beyond cryptocurrencies, the technology has found its way into a number of fields. Because of this, you can find ICOs linked to buoyant industries and take advantage of some innate positive momentum.

Another reason that ICOs are a great way to invest in a company is that it’s easy. Because projects don’t have to complete endless amounts of paperwork like they would using traditional funding models, all you really have to do is buy a token/s. This token is, basically, a reward for supporting the project. Because you’ll be getting the token below market rate, this is how you can (in theory) make a profit.


The biggest drawback to investing in ICOs is the risk. The market is volatile and you never know if a company is going to make it. Therefore, it’s always wise to be cautious with the amounts you invest.

Even if an ICO has a strong whitepaper, theory and reality don’t always look the same. In other words, a project may start with positive intentions but run into unexpected issues. This isn’t something you can foresee, which is another reason ICOs can be risky.

How to Invest in ICOs

To invest in ICOs, you can use a variety of aggregate platforms, such as our calendar. As well as offering links to ICO buy pages, our calendar will give you ratings, overviews and important information about the project. Alternatively, you can scroll through our ICO news headlines, find a project you’re interested in and navigate directly to the ICO’s website.

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