TRON (TRX) Price is up 50% and This is Just the Beginning

TRON (TRX) Price is up 50% and This is Just the Beginning

TRON (TRX) Price is up 50% and This is Just the Beginning

TRON (TRX)—All aboard the TRON train.

While most of the cryptomarketplace is marching towards a bullish uptick in valuation, TRX has managed a 50% surge in price over the past 48 hours.

Despite the massive amounts of FUD that have been spread in the direction of Justin Sun and the TRON project, here are just a few reasons why investors are pushing money into TRX:

Looking Past Fear and Uncertainty

A frequent myth about TRON is that the currency is nothing more than vaporware. But look at the top 50 currencies by market capitalization and you will see a field littered with the lack of working products. Most cryptocurrencies function on speculation alone, with the promise that the technology is in the process of being developed and will be “revolutionary.” Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum are blue chip cryptos because of their history in the market and large number of use-cases. Other top ten coins, such as Cardano, have yet to establish any true utility or real world utility.

TRON is building partnerships and preparing for widespread implementation. Rather than being content with future promises TRON, helmed by Justin Sun, has been building strong, large user base partnerships at an unprecedented rate in the industry., Peiwo, OBike, UpLive. Not only is TRON partnering with companies that are committed to using and implementing TRX, but there is legitimate hype surrounding the ability of Justin Sun. The CEO of (an entertainment platform built from the ground up for cryptocurrency implementation), is as bullish on the potential of Justin Sun to scale TRON as he is the potential technology of TRX.

The smear campaign against TRON will start to fall away as the price increase continues and TRON establishes more use cases. Crypto Dogs may be a silly ripoff of Ethereum’s CryptoKitties, but it’s an undeniable feature for TRX and paves the way for more gaming implementation. The label of vaporware is going to be harder to apply as people have legitimate reasons to buy and sell TRX. Look at TRON now as the way someone would consider Google back in the late 90’s: an early website that was attempting to catalogue and make search easy for the massive depths of the internet. TRON is similarly ambitious. That’s not to say TRON is guaranteed to succeed or will accomplish the same heights that Google has, but the biggest projects throughout history have always had to contend with the loud cries of dissenters. Justin Sun and TRON aren’t out to be the next Bitcoin or another cookie-cutter transaction currency. They want to revolutionize the entertainment industry of the internet. It may not be obvious or clear how that implementation is going to occur, but that’s the point of speculative investing. Investing in TRON is as much investing in the vision of Justin Sun and the belief that he will accomplish the ambitious goals of the TRX project. At least at this point, failure to achieve the goals outlined by TRON is not going to result in a total meltdown–likely it will still be able to accomplish an impressive amount in terms of use and implementation that will appreciate the price well beyond the current 0.05 USD.

TRON Down 80%? More Room to Grow

Past performance does not guarantee future results. It’s worth pointing out that important maxim of investing before we continue. But consider this: the bear market has obscured the true valuation of all cryptocurrencies. Everything is down. TRON’s price plummeted from an all time high of 0.30 USD to hovering around 0.05 USD, a decrease of over 80% in value. However we’ve seen this cycle before in cryptocurrency. It starts with Bitcoin falling in price which suppresses the satoshi valuation of all other currencies on paired exchanges. The continued fall of BTC then creates uncertainty in the market which leads to widespread panic-selling and last-second profit taking. The point is this: the current market is as much under-valued as the peak of crypto prices in January were comparatively over-valued. For the level of adoption, most coins probably fall somewhere in the middle of where their pricing was before the crash, with the market in need of shaking out the bad investors and even worse investment assets (BitConnect).

TRON has a lot of room to grow, which is not as risky of a bet given the past history of the crypto market. If TRON can recover to even half of its previous all time high valuation, that represents a 200% return from the current price. Comparatively, Bitcoin has to reach 24000 USD to achieve the same percentage increase. So while TRON is a much more obscure, risky currency for investment, it also represents a much greater opportunity for profit, and the upper limit could be exponential. Consider Ripple (and again, this is a shaky comparison given the intention of the two currencies), which was trading last year around a similar price as TRX. Ripple and TRON both share a 100 billion coin supply which means they have comparative amounts of liquidity and market psychology. Ripple exhibits a slow price movement phase of accumulation, as partnerships and other positive announcements get baked into the price without actually moving it. TRON could be exhibiting a similar pattern, where we can expect slow and prolonged accumulation phases preceding exponential price leaps. If TRON achieves even half the valuation of XRP by the end of 2018, we are looking at a per-coin value of 0.50 USD, which constitutes a 900% increase in price without requiring even a doubling from the previous all time high.

Of course, we’re just playing around with numbers here, but the evidence for future TRX profits is compelling.

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