Verge (XVG) Getting Better + Justin Vendetta’s Vision for XVG

Verge (XVG) Getting Better + Justin Vendetta’s Vision for XVG

Verge (XVG) Getting Better + Justin Vendetta’s Vision for XVG

[Photo: Justin Vendetta during the Youtube Q&A]

A lot has been said about Verge since the debacle of New Years. One example of such news was that Verge (XVG) was a pump and dump coin being used by whales. The word goes that during the New Year’s hype on the release of Verge, many whales took advantage of this buzz and gradually dumped their coins as regular folks like myself, waited anxiously for the coin to moon.

The Stealthy Wraith Protocol was not released on New Year’s but on the 8th of January. This was 8 days shy of the anticipated release of January 1st. As a result, many owners of the coin had lost faith in the coin and even sold every single one they owned.

However, things are beginning to look up for the coin that promises stealthy transactions on the Verge Wallet.

So how has Verge learnt from this?

Firstly, there is better communication between the founders and the fans of the coin. The official Telegram Verge news channel is constantly updating us on the happenings behind the scenes. That is how many of us learnt that the Wraith protocol had hiccups when it was partially released on github late on January 1st. The said bugs in the software were ironed out with constant updates from the team via Telegram and Twitter.

Secondly, Justin Vendetta, the founder of the coin, has increased his presence on the web. I believe he has seen the need to assure his fans first hand that all is well at the Verge Camp. He has promised monthly Q & A sessions on youtube where he will answer questions Verge (XVG) holders  have on the progress of the project.

The first Q & A session was held on 23rd January and can be found here. The second one is schedule for the 5th of February.

In the first Q & A with Justin, we got a glimpse of his vision for Verge (XVG) and the roadmap ahead.

To begin with, he emphasized that he is amplifying the capabilities of his marketing and communication team to push for new partnerships and get the word out about XVG. The same team is dealing with the new website for Verge that is about to be released; contacting possible vendors and partners for the project; making all the necessary ‘noise’ on social media; and Justin plans to have the team for a long time moving forward.

Justin also answered questions on the possibility of having XVG handle smart contracts. He said that it was also in the roadmap for this year. Smart contracts pretty much handle transactions via the blockchain without an intermediary third party of a bank or a lawyer. These transactions are secure and irreversible .

Another vision for Verge by Justin is the fine tuning of the existing wallet that has TOR already integrated in it. The fine tuning makes it user friendly for the user in a seamless manner without having to know all the complex computer science jargon to process transactions. To achieve this, Justin promises a new and revolutionary Graphic User Interface (GUI).

The same vision for the wallet, is the same vision Justin has for the website having a new look.

Also, Justin wants more vendors to accept XVG as a form of payment. Currently, there are 28 vendors accepting XVG as a form of payment. Some of the vendors include Reno Sports Bar (Hastings, Nebraska), Anutra Grain (online whole foods company) and (online web hosting company). Anutra Grain has gone a step further by giving out $10 worth of XVG with every purchase of one of its whole foods products.

It is such actions by Justin and the Verge Team that allows me to conclude that they are indeed getting better at everything and that their vision is slowly actualizing. I do believe that the debacle of New Years will be seen as a turning point for Verge when it comes out to fight it out with the big boys of Litecoin and Ethereum later on this year or even in 2019.

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