Waves (WAVES) – One Step Ahead on Regulations and Jurisdictions – Major Update

Waves (WAVES) – One Step Ahead on Regulations and Jurisdictions – Major Update

Waves (WAVES) – One Step Ahead on Regulations and Jurisdictions – Major Update

Waves (WAVES) launched their Waves Client 1.0 update in the end of 2017, late December.

One year and a half after their existence this platform gave birth to one of the most user-friendly blockchain around. Redesigned interface to enhance the user experience, making it easier to approach and understand taking down on comparison any online trading platform.

Intuitive navigation with beautiful user interface (UI) and any user (including companies or businesses) with no previous experience on blockchain applications will be able to access the platform’s features, without facing any challenges.

“Our front-end developers have succeeded in creating an information-rich UI (…) perfect for newcomers and crypto experts” words from Alexander Ivanov Waves founder and CEO.

Image 1 – Waves Company Slogan – Source: wavesplatform.com

Waves and the creation of their new Self-Regulatory Body

We can’t help but notice how Waves Network is proving their will to grow and create a Platform that will actually make a difference and give their users reasons multiple reasons why they are valuable and trustworthy.

It will be now possible to use Waves Platform in order to legally report taxes and accountings with business standards for ICOs and all the blockchain industry.

I don’t like to say that it is for obvious reasons, but Switzerland was the chosen country for this organization to be founded.

Open for all the Crypto Market: blockchain and ICOs platforms, marketing companies, firms and any kind of professional service, individuals and last but not least exchanges.

The concerns around laws, jurisdictions have always been around the crypto space, so for that matter Waves proved to notice that and make a stand for it.

Alexander Ivanov, CEO of the Waves platform said “Waves has always been clear that the right kind of regulation is a good thing for the crypto space”

Why is Waves so loved by ICOs

Waves is looking forward to help other ICOs to emerge, bring opportunities to Crowd Funding’s, Entrepreneurs and new investments.

The platform they created is the best platform for crowdfunding projects. It made the creation of blockchain tokens easier and the exchange and distribution faster. All of this topped with a easy interface and a security guaranty.

Long story short, it is compared to NASDAQ, but Worldwide and in the palm of your hands. Not only is good to invest and create projects but it is great to invest in them as well.

A whole new generation of companies and entrepreneurs is starting to join this Platform, the so called Waves Network that came to help the creation of new ideas and bring more evolution to this Blockchain community.

The creation of this new Self-Regulatory Body brings the possibility to legally report taxes from businesses inside the blockchain industry is a major push in the direction of new projects, the opportunity to upgrade for already existing ones and also pushing Waves value up.

Waves Chart and prospects for the First Months of 2018

Image 2 – Waves (WAVES) Charts – Source: https://coinmarketcap.com

We can notice that in the last year and a half, cryptocurrency has started to make some noise around investors and businesses, whilst the 1-trillion-dollar mark is still ahead of us in the not-so-distant future. How fast will we get there is the real question.

This Update for design and UI, and also the legal tax reports announcement, in my point of view, proved to be the reasons that bring such interest to everyone in this community

I would say that during this first trimester of 2018 Waves will achieve (in price) at least the 50$(USD) mark.

Looking back on the 1st day of December the 4.69 USD price, and today (10th of January) the 12 USD, but with the record of 17 USD I believe that this Coin has a lot to give. Especially after the launch of their Update and the positive results that is bringing to their Holders.

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